[Potency] Recruiting Mythic+ Key runners & Social Players!

[Potency - Stormrage]

-About Us-
Potency is a newly formed Guild that’s starting with a strong foundation. We are home to a Mythic Raid team and a growing Mythic+ Community.
We want to create a very active community of players who enjoy raiding, PvP, running keys, being social, and playing non-WoW games with each other.
Potency will have something for everyone and will keep you engaged and building friendships!

-Mythic Plus Community-
We have a dedicated Officer that works to bring people with similar key interests together.
Their job includes:

  • Coordinating dates for key runs
  • Helping people achieve their knowledge, gear and talent level goals.

Our Guild has two divisions - the raiding side and the community side. Each side has its own set of officers that have clearly defined duties and responsibilities.

-Community Contact (B-tag/Discord)-

  • Rhelsha Community Manager/Recruiter - VictoriaKins#1971 / victoriakins
  • Benqt Community Officer - Benny#12695 / benqtee
  • Pentious Keys Officer - Findol#11918 / findol

-Raid Contact (B-tag/Discord)-

  • Blutegel Guild Master/Raid Leader - Blut#11196 / blut92

Do not hesitate to reach out to any of the above officers with any questions!

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bumpity, were still looking! dont be afraid to reach out!

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wed/thurs 8:30pm to 11:30pm est

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I will hit you up in game.