Post Your Dracthyr!

A chromatic-inspired Dracthyr I made:


And what I’ll probably be playing, if nothing changes for their customization, an Onyxia-inspired Dracthyr:


Yeah, I really want a tamer green for a secondary. The mint one doesn’t work for what I’m going for.


I also wish you could pick and choose what body parts are affected by the secondary color.


Wing webbing colour could stand being a separate selective.


Having played around with wowhead’s beta barbershop, I’m pretty impressed with Dracthyr. They look great.

Some suggestions:

  • The head looks a bit small. I think they would look better if the head was maybe 20% larger.
  • There are 3 different body shapes but they are all too similar. The slim one is fine, but the beefy one needs more beef.
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I think it looks a lot better in motion. That was my initial impression as well, but having watch a lot of alpha footage and just playing with animations in the dressing room… it honestly looks fine in the wild.

As for this… check this out:

TL;DR, I think it’s a better solution to just add a beefy dragon race than to contort Dracthyr into something they were never intended to be.


Oh my goodness, I love this. I love the high contrast between the dark and the light blues. :slight_smile:

Man I want to make a bronze dragon because they are so cool and the xmogs you can match with them would be perfect but I really want to make mine look as close to Diablo as possible so I’m torn.


Mix it up! No reason not to take inspiration from both.

Thank you. I’m enjoying inspiring people with the different colours. Sometimes it’s hard with the 14 different shades of brown but there’s some really nice things you can do. On the flip side I have no clue what I’m going to do myself. XD

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Yeah, there’s a lot of possibilities here… even with all the browns. :slight_smile: I find it pretty dishonest of people who just try to remake an existing dragon and then complain that they look like another person who did the same. The fact that either of them were able to produce a reasonable likeness testifies to how flexible the options are, and of course you’re not going to look unique if you’re overtly choosing to not look unique.

Ez solution. Just make one of each on another server :crazy_face:

That or change it up at the barber every now and then.

With Keldar here, I’ve only hit the barbershop twice. Once to change his hair to grey around Cataclysm pre-patch. And other to take advantage of the new options.

I have a feeling I’ll be refining my Dracthyr for months and months after I hit create.

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I want to but I’ve been stuck at the character max for years so hopefully we can go above 50 characters that way I’ll make one of each like you suggested.


They did mention they were looking at upping the cap.

Green Green Green
I’m so tired of this stupid anti forum link thing.

Edit I didn’t’ mean to reply to Clockworth but w/e.


Looks rad!



I like it. I really want to get a Dracthyr going that evokes earthy tones without also evoking the existing dragon flights - that particular theme might be the beginning of that.