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Openly recruiting for DF! All welcome!

Hi I am just returning to the game and looking for a guild. Would you guys be open to someone starting fresh? If so I would be interested in joining.

Hello, Furred.

Yes, we welcome socials, casuals, key runners, etc to the Guild. If raiding is your goal, we can speak about that once you’re leveled and all. If you’re on Stormrage, you can message anyone in the Guild for an invite or apply through the in-game Guild finder!

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Welcoming any and all for DF!

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Hey there! I was going through the forums and found this and wanted to express my interest. I’m just coming back from a break and I found out my buddies are playing alliance but I wanted to find a guild to go with. I’m interested in the social and m+ for now but I’d like to be a better player and get back into raiding during DF If you guys will have me :slight_smile:

Hey, Plågue!

You’re more than welcome to join as a social/key runner. Add my B-tag (Jäger#11356) or message anyone in-game for an invite. We can talk more in-game!

Looking for solid people for DF!!

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Looking for a solid R-Druid and Ranged DPS!

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