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Openly recruiting for DF! All welcome!!

i have lots of past mythic exp just not current fated on havoc dh would like to talk if u have time havent really been raiding as havoc this tier so missing all the good gear but willing to put the effort in ofc

Hello, Calloe!

We’re always willing to work with people who have a great attitude, are reliable/committed, and are willing to put in the effort. Reach out to me at Jäger#11356 (alt 0228) or add my Disc Staffeln#5835.

Hope to hear from you soon!

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Welcoming any and all for DF!!

DF Waiting room

Come join us for DF!

Looking for solid people for DF!

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Hit me up PrimeErebus#1410
Unholy DK player that loves pushing keys and raiding when my work schedule allows for it.

Still looking for solid ranged dps!

Looking for a couple more to round out the roster!

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Bumping back up!