Post-BFA Undercity/Tirisfal Glades

Hey, folks. I’m a fairly new player; came in right on the tail end of BFA. Friends roped me into playing Alliance characters until post pre-patch, and now I’ve been leveling Horde characters and unlocking allied races for the first time. In doing so, I’m running into what strikes me as a really weird problem. I can’t apparently access the new version of Tirisfal Glades or see the destroyed version of Undercity. It’s like it’s stuck in pre-Battle for Lordaeron mode.

My current best guess is that it has something to do with the fact that the allied races don’t go through Exile’s Reach. So far I’ve started a pandaren (leveled through the MoP starting zone), a DH (leveled through their starting experience), a Highmountain tauren, a Mag’har, and a vulpera. But here’s what I do know:

  1. It’s not just getting to level 50. Both the Highmountain tauren and the Mag’har are level 50, and thus can’t get into timewalking/Chromie time anymore. Talking to Chromie just triggers the “They need your help in Icecrown” dialogue.

  2. Using Chromie to return to the “present” timeline doesn’t fix it. Tried that on the DH, since she’s not 50 yet and still has access to that option.

  3. Playing the Battle for Lordaeron scenario doesn’t fix it. I thought maybe you had to do that first, so I went and hunted down the archivist, played through it, nada.

  4. All of the Alliance characters who have existed since before the pre-patch see the new version of the Tirisfal Glades map.

  5. Just to see if it had something to do with progressing the storyline around Magni and the Heart, I went and unlocked that on the Highmountain tauren. No dice, Tirisfal is still the old Cataclysm version.

  6. The Highmountain tauren is pretty deep into BFA content, has made progress into the War Campaign, etc. I’m not sure what else to advance that might trigger it.

  7. It’s a consistent problem with all of the Horde characters I have thus far, and all of them were created after the pre-patch landed.

I’ve been hunting around all over the internet and haven’t been able to find an answer yet. The only mentions of anything similar I’ve been able to find were in reference to finding Zidormi and changing the post-BFA version back to the un-destroyed version. I’m trying to go the opposite direction, and there is no Zidormi in Tirisfal Glades for me. I can’t even find a reference to anyone having a similar problem.

Am I missing something? Did I forget to do something? Or is this a “lolwut submit a support ticket” situation? Has anybody else encountered this?

According to Blizz support, they unintentionally broke Zidormi being there if you didn’t already have have her available, and it is currently being looked into. A link to the support article is below. Looks like you just have to wait it out unfortunately.

Hmm. Hopefully that does the trick? I came across that when I was trying to figure out if anybody else had had this same issue, but from the sound of it that may only go from new Tirisfal to pre-BFA Tirisfal? Or maybe it’ll let you switch freely back and forth? Whooo knows.

Zidormi lets you freely switch between which version of the zone you want to see.

How the hell is this still a problem almost three years later? I am running into this on my DK that I’m trying to do the legion campaign on. Wow…

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The support article I linked at the time is gone, so that indicates that they fixed whatever was causing that particular problem at the time. So it’s likely a different bug that’s causing it now if it’s not just something simple you’ve potentially missed along the way. I found this reddit post that might be of some help, but I’m in no position to test it. Let me know!

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I ended up realizing as I was flying around the zone that the zone would shift between timelines in certain areas, so I managed to find a path to fly to stay in the old timeline to get to the UC cave entrance.

That phasing is definitely an issue for boosted toons that were never around during Legion or BFA and trying to go back and do old world content that involves different timelines. Amazes me that NPC isn’t just there by default for everyone in any timeline.

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