Possible Return for Dragonflight / AMA

In a recent Twitter poll, I asked the Emerald Dream community if they would like to see me return to WoW for Dragonflight. The results were overwhelmingly positive: As expected, the majority of you would like to see me come back to the game. My leadership, expertise, and likeability would provide much needed stability to the realm, which has been in shambles since my retirement.

I haven’t made a decision yet, but considering how monumental my return would be, I would like to open the floor for any questions, comments, or concerns. Ask me anything!


legitimately wondering who you are?


I’m a pillar of the community, and one of the top players on ED.

Isn’t The Guard some washed up boomer guild full of keyboard turners who got camped off the server a long time ago?

i wish 10 characters required wasnt a thing.




You’d have to be a brainlet to think this was real. It was fabricated by one of the most incompetent GM’s on the server, likely because I was farming his guild to the point of extinction. Literally everyone with a Warbringer tag was always a free HK. No one from that guild killed me a single time through all of legion.

still have absolutely no idea who you are. is this your mains name?

ED needs your expertise and guidance… make the sacrifices and return even if its for a few month and teach the new comers how to walk with their chins up high.

ED needs a role model and that’s your calling .


He logged out that day in Durotar and hasnt played since.


As Holly sits and tries to remember her past after her memory was wiped by some ungodly Undead creature.
Tally and Holly had a bit of argument at one time and during this argument Tally well just say, my vote is in and Tally you need to
show these newcomers the ropes.


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If this video was my only legacy I would have quit for years too.


I lost track of all the KB’s I got on Warbringer members. The whole guild was incompetent and poorly managed. Every time they tried to organize or take part in WPvP they got camped. Even in PvE, they couldn’t clear a single raid without being 20+ ilvls overgeared.

I don’t blame them for trying to fake a video of me. I was the biggest name player on the server at the time (and probably still am tbh), and was ripping them apart at the seams, so it makes sense they would want to go after me to try and gain a shred of credibility. It didn’t work, though, and their guild completely died shortly after. Warbringer never had what it took to do… well… anything. They’re gone and will never return, but my legacy will last forever.

I for one am happy that Tally might come into the fold. Another type A personality to add to the cacophony of the server with the knowledge of how to build a guild will only add diversity. More bodies to the fight under any leadership gets the thumbs up from me. :slight_smile:

If I come back, two things will happen immediately:

  1. Everyone in “The Guard” will be camped until they log, with you, Tinyfuta, being at the top of the list.
  2. Lluagor will be excluded from all of my events.

Tally, I am excited for your renewed vigor towards the game! You little rapscallion, you can try to camp me as much as you like! Feel free to screenshot and video it too! The guise of a rivalry will sure to bring more people in to fight and do the same! It’ll be such a grand experience; and we will both be a part of making ED better!

If u gotta say “I’m a pillar of the community” on Emerald Dream, then ur a nobody. :man_shrugging:


Andrew has had this schtick for 15 years now and has perfected it, stick to face rolling a tank spec in pvp, I’d say it’s what you’re good at , but well that’s not the case

Hmmm… Very interesting…