Possible queue solution?

Blizzard doesn’t deal in solutions, only blaming players for a problem they created before pre-patch even started.


Yes, Blizzard forced 80,000 players to pay $25 per character to all xfer to the same 2-3 servers.

It was so rude of them to force players to do such a thing!

Can you point out where they stated that? Imagine every server being a medium pop right now, then after naxx, they go through the Server Merger/Free Xfers again cause you cant do a dungeon with raid loggers and people quitting.

Transfer to Faerlina was free from many servers because they were shutting down low pop servers that died off.

Yes, when those servers had almost nobody left on them.

Those thousand players are hardly anything compared to the tens of thousands who paid to xfer.

Now I agree they shouldnt have let them free xfer to the megas, but they are like 5% of the problem lets be real now.

“At this point however, we believe the time has come to end the concept of a mega-realm.”

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Thanks. The only way they can remove mega servers is to shut them down. They’d need to open back up all the servers they had, offer free xfers anywhere (pvp faction balance, pve just do it) and provide a date those megas are shutting down. But they would also need to offer up free xfers if those new servers dont gain enough traction.

Also, that was a huge # of people that came into faerlina from all those other servers. The issue is they went by active accounts, not total accounts.

Ummm, I disagree. We’ve already started to seen them split up with the resurgence of Sulfuras and the creation of Eranikus.

The queues will eventually make people want to leave… its just not sustainable. Benediction has 10,000 people in queue and its 1045AM

This is a pretty good solution if Blizzard is dead set on not enabling cross-realm, or allowing free transfers back to bene once qs are gone.

yup, faerlina has 11392 with 418 min queue time as of 7 mins ago.

Blizzard is dead set on it because the playerbase is against it too…

Cross realm isnt classic. Im sorry its just not.

Now I will say its a little dumb you cant arena cross server since its already region wide… but I really dont want to quest or do dungeons with people not on my server. Its what turned the game into retail

It’s right in the blue post about the state of classic severs in community council

Thanks for the replies!

I appreciate the idea that the end goal is to get these severs down to a reasonable size, but I think this solution would also help us move in that direction. I would expect a certain percentage of people would find new community on their “Temporary” servers and decide to not come back. Many are not making that initial leap because they have no “lifeline” if they make the wrong server decision. This would provide that lifeline IF NEEDED.

I’ve seen some comments regarding players who came to Faerlina because their previous servers were being shut down. That’s my experience too - my previous server had an active population somewhere around 15. The reason I came here is because my guild wanted to be on a server that was sure to have enough people to raid in. Maybe it was the wrong move, maybe Faerlina shouldn’t have been one of the options that I could pick to move to. Either way I and many others find ourselves in a situation where we are unable to play with friends without the chance of winding up on another server that winds up dying. I say if I had a chance to “undo” a server move, I’d jump on it TODAY.

See that’s the rub though. It’s not an issue with the game servers. It’s an issue with players overcrowding certain servers. It’s a player issue. Not a server issue.

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There is no solution but what Blizzard presented which is wait 15 hours to get your mail and try and transfer because morons on the forum’s don’t want cross anything for there you go

These servers were dead because the majority of the population paid to go to faerlina, you are missing a step in the equation

Not sure why i got quoted in this… but yeah Pagueis is a bit off on this one.

You may be right there - but I suppose the real rub is concerning blame. Can you blame the individual player for migrating to a server that winds up being overcrowded? Especially when we don’t get accurate population data directly from Blizzard?

I think it’s much more accurate to assign that blame to allowing the server to get so overpopulated in the first place. OR possibly in not retooling the server in order to handle the volume of players entering it. I’m sure it was difficult to predict how many players would be active on a server for a game that is 15 years old. I still think it’s more a problem with the system - not the individuals.

That being said - I can see your point about not moving to an already “high” population server. There’s probably blame to be had for both Blizzard and the players. The situation remains the same though, and both Faerlina natives and transplants are suffering from it. I think this method would ease the queue boss temporarily and maybe even permanently.


this is the way

Coordinate with your friends and transfer to the same server. I’m sure your friends would rather be playing than sitting in a 12 hour queue too.