[POSSIBLE BUG] WARRIOR Demoralizing shout causing too much threat

Right now demo shout spam is being used to keep threat off 3 mages in esfands stream. Ive never seen that in any of my time playing wow. It needs to be fixed before warriors dont even need to cast sunder to tank anymore.

That’s how I used to tank.

You wouldnt reliably be able to keep sunder armour up on 3 separate targets though, so why would BS/DS be considered a bug? especially since they dont really have much in the way of aoe threat other than that? cleave isn’t good enough in the slightest lol

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Sup. I have no idea if it is a bug but I can tell you as the tank in Esfand’s group that ran that all day I was still losing aggro at times. Its more guaranteed by being prot or having salv on the mages which I believe he did.

I know Tribe used the same method when they were doing the same ZF runs but he was also prot and it looked like he kept the aggro even better than I did. As far as I know we discovered this during the beta.

All the info I have for ya.

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Bear tank demo roar is having the same effect. I don’t think it’s an actual bug tho.

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Yeah and Bear tanks have higher tps than warriors at this point in the game. They are actually nuts.


Am I doing this right?

SUre, if we’re talking about like… UBRS or Scholomance or something… MAYBE…

Paladins will not tank or dps raids. They are a broken class.

Do you know if hunter pet bear demo shout also produces this massive threat ? i started a dwarf hunter on a PvE server and would like to know. It would be useful for soloing or offtanking in dungeons.


From the “Not a bug” post. Edit: I understand this is not DS, but shouts have always been threat generators. AOE threat is hard enough and dont see a problem with this.

Paladins. Threat. Lmao.

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I legit never knew this.

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welcome to vanilla…sorry I mean classic.

Not broken. It was always this way in vanilla. An individual demo shout does less threat per target than a sunder. If you want, you can go test it. Have a warrior demo shout once, then dps until you pull aggro and figure out how much damage worth of threat that was. Then do the same with a sunder.

Demo Shout scales the more mobs it affects.

If true, this does need looked in to. I used to use demo/battle shout for initial threat in Vanilla as a tank. But you couldn’t demo something that already had demo for additional threat(had to wait for it to wear off) same with Battle shout overriding your own buff wouldn’t increase anymore threat. Again had to wait for it to wear off or players to force click it off.

Reapplying either shout over itself SHOULD NOT cause additional threat.

Reapplying a FRESH shout of either would cause additional threat.

Thanks OP :smiley:

And here I was using nothing but Sunder Armor and Taunt this entire time!

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I’m testing it in game right now, it doesn’t seem to be doing what the OP thinks it should be doing.

It is, but it was tenuous and took some time to even build a mild threat lead.

Wait so spamming Demo Roar as Druid gives me a lot of threat on everything around? just like that or there’s any other consideration/trick ?