Positioning for casters

So ive been watching my own vods recently, and one thing ive noticed is i play kind of max range a lot, and find myself in situations where its easy for the other team to line me when pressure builds, which leads to dots falling off or just general not very cool gameplay.

Ive watched some videos etc on positioning but to be honest its not something thats really clicked for me yet. Does anyone have any general advice for how to position myself in a lobby so that im not too far out/in too deep?

I LOVE that youre watching your vods and thinking about positioning!!!

In general, if the other team has DRs/damage , you want to play far from your port and dont forget to use gateway as a CD. If they dont have major CDs, you can afford to be a lot more aggressive with coils/fear on healer.

It’s also very MU dependant, though. Sometimes you need to push in, sometimes you need to pull back. If you post your vods id be happy to review them and help!


Ill get some of the ones where im struggling uploaded and let you know


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After quick calculation this hurts mage teams the most.



Arthis would say don’t be a coward and move around.

But awesome advice from Nasrajin

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You have to be careful when pushing in because a bad push can throw the game, but not pushing in can give the other team time to recover. This is something that defines a persons skill and learning it will take time and practice.

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