Portal to Oribos ... How to unlock - Returning players Dragonflight 10.0.5 - 01/22/2023

I’ve read a lot of articles trying to figure out how to unlock the portal to Oribos in Dragonflight expansion as of 10.0.5 with 10.0.7 on the PTR.

… I’ve opened the portal … See below:

Some say you have to start a quest line with the Maw…? …on that note…

Starting the Questline of the Shadowlands

Where do you find “A Chilling Summons”?

When this went live a pop-up quest (A Chilling Summons) told you to head to your faction’s capital city and, after doing so, to go through a portal to Icecrown Citadel.

Once you arrived, you met the Lich King, Bolvar, who was standing with the now shattered Helm of Domination. When Sylvanas broke the helm with her power, she linked her soul to the helm and, with the shards she left behind, we can track her to the Shadowlands.

After a dialogue between the leaders of the Horde, leaders of the Alliance, and Bolvar, you were tasked with completing a ritual with the aid of Bolvar and his Death Knights that would teleport you into the Shadowlands.

Once you had completed Through the Shattered Sky, you would teleport into the Maw.

Quick Start Facts

You can check and see if you have completed this quest by running the below script in game.
/run print(C_QuestLog.IsQuestFlaggedCompleted(60545))

If it returns “false” you have not completed the quest.

Just follow the chain presented from a “A Chilling Summon” it’ll take about an hour(at high level) or two to three (at low level) to unlock the portal.

If you are looking for the PvP sets for transmog: (You’ll have to work through the campaign until your in Oribos, you’ll be phased in Oribos until you complete a few campaign quests in the city.)

Once you’ve evaded the Jailer’s grasp, you’ll find yourself in Oribos, the hub city for both Horde and Alliance players. To find Zo’sorg, Master of Conflict, go through the large entrance close to the platform on which you place the portal to your capital city. Take the first right, then immediately turn right once more, and you’ll arrive at the World of Warcraft: Shadowlands PVP vendor location.

If you value precision, he’s found in The Enclave near the following map coordinates: 34.86, 57.31.


Super helpful. After running the script it said True, so I’ve completed the quests but still unable to move forward. Do you think there is some bug that doesn’t let me go to SL/Maw?

I am having this same issue as you had. Did you ever find a solution?