Portal to Arathi Highlands (Alliance)

Hi. I can’t see the portal to Arathi Highlands, therefore I can’t get there. I tried flying from Stormwind to Arathi, but I’m only able to see the old Arathi Highlands.

The portal worked just fine for Darkshore.

  • I never been in new Arathi Highlands since I’ve only been playing BFA for like 2 weeks
  • I’ve already done Battle for Stromgrade warfront (and I’m about to do Battle for Darkshore).

Please, I need help I’m desperated I tried everything! I logged out, closed game, can’t see how to get this fixed!

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I wonder if you need to click on the war table there on the doc? That is how I engage in the war fronts until the actual portals pop up on the side. Have you done that part yet?

Usually the NPC standing behind the table has a ! icon and you speak with him to start…then you click the table in front of him to access it. After the portals show up to the war fronts, you can do the WQs and rares in there, including the big world boss there.

Turned out I needed to complete the War Campaing on Zandalar. Then I was able to start a quest “To the Front” at the War Table on Boralus, meaning I finally could see the portal to Arathi.

So, apparently there’s a requirement to travel to New Arathi (complete War Campaing on Zandalar), but there isn’t any to travel to New Darkshore.

Anyways, I solved it and everything’s cool now.


Thanks @Joscasid that really helped me out