Does anyone have an idea of how populated this merged sever is and the relative population of the factions?

I’m mostly asking out of curiosity. I’m not aware of any real data that’s available, so anecdotal evidence is ok by me. Thanks!

Let me put it this way - I pug everything - even mythics first 3 - and most people always make the same comment - Arygos? I have never even grouped with anyone from that server.

The server is small - economy hurts because most old content things that move quickly on high pops hardly moves on small server. Again, just my story but it is a small server and noticeably so. So if that what you are looking for - this is the server for you. Something of note, it is dominated by Alliance.

With that said though - if you find a decent group of people to run with - I doubt it will be noticeable :smiley: