Polls for players

This is something that appeared in the Community Council for Classic, but I dont see why it couldnt be as easily applied to retail.


In particular their response to a suggestion:

So this is actually something the team has talked about a lot and we have some plans to investigate a way to “poll” the community about certain topics and to do so in-game. The current (very half-baked) ideas are something like an NPC somewhere in the world that asks questions about hot button issues that players can answer via a flavor text window (maybe once per account, with some restrictions/requirements so its not abused). The responses we gather could help us make better decisions, or at least help inform us about things that we’d like to have a bigger conversation about in this forum or in a live chat at some point. Regardless, the team really likes this idea and we plan to explore it more!

It’s an oft-made complaint that Blizzard doesn’t ask our opinions on things enough or interact with us enough, and something like this could be an interesting idea. I can imagine this NPC sitting in a building in Stormwind asking passersby to drop in an answer a question.

I seem to recall an older MMO had something where players could put in answers to polls and if enough people answered for it, it was actually put in the game. I doubt Blizzard would go far but my, wouldn’t it be amazing if it actually changed their minds about something…

I know there will be many who will respond with “but they never listen to us” and that may be true, but at least opening some form of dialogue is a good place to start improving that.


The problem is the community often does not know what they want.

If you polled it, many people would have voted for templates in PVP.

And then, we got templates and everyone complained until they were removed.

And now, once again, people are asking for templates in PVP.

Just one of MANY examples.

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this game has had polls in the past, I would like to see more of them myself.

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Polls are always good as long as they are legit :slight_smile:

I agree. The problem is of course is if they ask a question about something they are considering, it immediately causes reactions, either positive or negative. Say they asked something like:

“Would you like to see a return to the style of talents used in, for example, Wrath of the Lich King?” (This is a total outlier idea but its just an example.) Can you imagine the stream of comments here and elsewhere that would come from that?

Of course if they asked “Would you participate in the use of player housing if it were put in the game?” I’d fall over my feet answering yes. :sunglasses:

Well yeah it would have some setbacks but if its done ingame instead of forums that would be a scale to map out what majority wants/hate :slight_smile:

Yep and what players ingame think about things is not necessarily what the relatively small number on these forums think.

I think it would definately be worth a try, even if only to get a decent cross section of response.

They better come up with some good restrictions to stop people with multiple accounts :laughing:

They should poll how many players care about really low drop % for cosmetics, compared to the huge playerbase that would like a better chance to get those cosmetics…Looking at you Big love rocket…10+ year farms are insane in a game.

Some people like it. I was interested in the game No Man’s Sky because

the only thing that stops me is I can’t find an answer to the question “Is all my data saved forever?”. I won’t mind exploring a universe that can never be fully explored in my lifetime but I want my data to be saved, Blizz saves data well so I feel safe investing years of /played into the game :+1:

Not the poop on that party but once you seen like a dozen planets, youve seen them all

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I’ve heard, “It’s procedurally generated but there’s a finite amount of objects and after a while everything starts to look the same” don’t care, new planet is another notch :slight_smile:

Sorry i don’t know enough about no man’s sky to check if this is a good comparison, when we’re talking about cosmetics, i’ll compare wow mounts to GW2 or FFXIV and how other mmorpgs provide a chance for the rarity drops. the chance of 1/3333 attempts for some wow mounts + the amount of attempts per character and time available compared to other mmorpg’s games and their cosmetics.

Gotcha, I haven’t played it like I said but from what I’ve gathered is that No Man’s Sky is primarily an exploration game. You fly around the universe on a space ship and you collect data on the flora, wildlife and elements of planets. There’s no RNG drops in NMS afaik, the comparison I was drawing was the investment in time. You’ll never finish NMS, no one will finish NMS, our sun will blow up and envelop the Earth long before anyone manages to 100% explore NMS and that’s the appeal :heart:

Its an interesting game but too expensive for me right now. Wish there was a cheaper version or something.

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Well this thread is disappointing. Thought it was going to be about Goldshire.