Poll: Where's Your Cloak At?

8 before I ran out of essences. I’m not really sure how to get more, haven’t read up on the 8.3 patch yet.

But SW is easy if you know what to do. Also SW gives the void illusion.

11 here, will work on 12 when I get a chance to really sit down and do a couple visions.

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9, will be 10 tonight. Will not be doing this on any more alts. Can’t push myself to do that intro quest anymore after doing it 5 times. Will level a fresh hunter and DH instead as those are the two classes I don’t have at 120 currently.

blizzard ignore this last lil bit cause the power creep/ramp up over the duration of a xpac is just fine and nothing wrong with it at all.

  1. I just find it hard to motivate doing it again and again

Essences? You mean vision key? Many sources:

  1. Weekly assaults in all zones
  2. 10k from Wrathion with coal currency.

I thought that too at first. Just as I thought some of the elites out in Uldum couldn’t be frogged. But most can be, and it is so helpful as you try to level up the cloak. Once you get it to Max, it is so much easier.

I only got the cloak for 1 character because I assume after this expansion is up it’ll go bye bye. I have no further interest in doing visions or getting another cloak for my Alts. Pretty much checking out of wow till the next holiday that I need comes.


I know what you mean .

BfA is the Expac where the loot grind and the grind to improve loot like Horrific Visions or essences is now the content.


I don’t need a cloak to make content from past expansions.
I am not doing the 8.3 content. :skull:
I prefer to create 2 more vulperas.
It’s the best use of my time.


I only did a few assaults, I guess I need to do all of them.

I did the 10k coal from him already. Is that a daily/weekly quest? I just started the cloak this week.

Max, but i know a few friends who have been stuck on 4-9 on their alts. The higher your cloak goes the bigger and easier it gets to sustain yourself with say -60% sanity drains over a 40%. We had a awkward time where we went together for a run to help them and play together only to realize we were hitting a timer having them die from just the base drain and no titan research mask less while I’d be unable to rez them in combat.

Imo i really honestly think orbs should be personal in a group or say give +100% to self, +25% to team members and the -15% damage for grouping should be removed to be baseline for all groups. And you should have a option to either equalize drain rates or use the resistance of the highest cloak player for catch up.

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At this moment, one below max. I work on leveling it on the weekend, when I have more time and can face it fresh and unstressed. I don’t especially need more stress after a day’s stressful work.

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At 10… almost 11. Haven’t bothered yet to max. I really only run the Visions with a group and we haven’t been on together in a while off raid night.

Mine’s level 6, but that’s only because I’ve been working on Horde BFA reps and leveling my mechagnome. The plan is to get a couple more ranks this weekend.

I had to check cause I didn’t even remember. Guess I got mine to 7 at some point. Got sick of the dailies though so I don’t remember the last time I did a vision.


Maxed out the day of reset.

Always carry >= 3 vessels in my backpack at all times to cover upgrade costs.

Cap on both characters I’m working on!

However I’m considering to make a monk too, with the hesitation being getting them reps. :slight_smile: We’ll see.

Well, I got it and I’m assuming it starts at level 1 and not 0, so lv 1. Did one of each type of vision, died to Thrall and haven’t bothered trying them again yet. I’m having more fun doing old content atm and farming stuff to sell on AH but will go back to it eventually.