Points in solo

look i don’t care what else has to be fixed this expansion. its one of the worst we’ve had in a while i don’t care who likes transmog and fishing. mythics have a list of people that can’t stand them in this forum raids are lacking content got gutted at the beginning and one of the other BIG PROBLEMS is solo shuffle and that point system that have been talked about to death as a matter a fact that’s all that’s happening is talk we are around the corner from season 2 and have achieves that i didn’t know tell recently were getting takin out because it’s had a problem with tracking the progress . and of all that what in the hell was the point of giving me one honor point for a win and take 50plus for a lose no wonder you can’t climb at all due to that garbage point system. point is fix this stuff not next time but while anyone cares to keep logging in at all that’s so stupid it’s unreal. And i can do without the kiss a… people in the forums i didn’t make this up yesterday I’ve played over a thousand of those matches and its the same it was at match one. And i won’t read the comments anyway so there is that.