Pocket-Sized Computation Device

Hello! I don’t know if this is the correct forums but I need some help!

I’m trying to wrap up the “mecha-done” achievement and i just noticed I need to summon the nullifier and i need the Pocket-Sized Computation Device to summon him it seems. the problem is I deleted that trinket ages ago and its not up on the item restoration site. I’ve looked all over and it seems i cant make a new one for some reason. is there a way for me to get that item back or remake it? am i screwed? any other way i can finish this quests with out that trinket?

Thanks for the help guys!

Go back to Pascal-K1N6 & the recipe will be there again (under the Equipment section) and you can make a new one. The recipe is only displayed if you don’t have one, as soon as you craft the item the recipe will disappear again.

If you aren’t seeing the recipe, then make sure you really deleted it - double check your bags, bank, & void storage.