Plz Delete

Plz Delete

The team is pretty set. LF, maybe a few more DPS to top off. Always open to socials or M+

4/9N first night. Updated with a few needs. Let me know if you are interested!

Still looking for a few more <3

Come play with us!

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Updated recruitment needs, Monday, we finish off normal and head into heroic! If you have any questions, feel free to reach out!

Updated recruitments. Do rogues or evokers even play?

Still, LFM solid DPS. We are moving into heroic on Monday!

LFM dps for heroic!

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Updated needs! would love an evoker and lock <3

Open for 1 evoker/shammie/druid healer!!!

Hi I have a geared WW monk and RSham/Ele if you’re still looking for more! Mostly M+ focused but would love to get back into raiding again.

Disc: Frog0210
Bnet: Frog#13427


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