Please Yes ICC DMG Buff

Please make sure to bring the buffs in a timely manner.

Not right away or anything, but remember we started getting the buff shortly after Lich King was released.


don’t worry, they will add that buff for sure, blizzard loves to make things easier & that’s why they buffed ulduar gear, they buffed some classes, they releases game with last balance patch to make classes op for first phases contents, they make catch up mechanics for free loot & they stealth nerf things.

in original wrath there was 4x traps before Marrowgar and cata pre-patch nerfed that and made them 2, Now in classic our icc will be released with just 2traps :stuck_out_tongue: so they made rogue’s life easier while searching xD tbh original vanilla/tbc/wrath was easy but blizzard tend to make classic 60-70-80 easier.

anyway i expect the 5% dmg/hp/healing buff to exist in classic at/before 17November & it will start stacking for additional 5% every 3 raid resets.

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That was not the reason for buffing ilvl.


if you believed blizzard when they claimed that they don’t want players to go farm naxx after ulduar release then you’re so naive.

and with that same logic, wouldn’t they buff toc gear to prevent everyone from going back to ulduar? OR they should’ve returned ulduar gear to original item level after releasing toc to save people from farming ulduar for certain bis items.

anyway the real reason blizzard buffed ulduar item level is to make ulduar super easy with the new buffed op items it drops, blizzard loves to make things easier and that’s a fact

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Again, this wasn’t the reason for buffing item level
And secondly, we had pre-nerf ulduar the entire phase, except for XT, that was mathematically impossible to achieve.


30% buff present at launch?

Elitist gate keepers can just not use the buff if they don’t want it.

It’s optional.


Yeah, that’s why they made Algalon harder than he ever was by a significant margin.


top tier guilds getting stuck on sindragosa let alone LK, buff will start pretty quick

you’re delusional…
-giving you way better item from whole raid “9~12 more item lvl”
-giving you classes with already last balanced patch which is doing much higher dps than it was on patch 3.1
-editing things like making your whole cd’s get ready after each fight…hero 10min debuff reset after you wipe.
-& More…etc

with those conditions p2/p3 classic was 300% easier than original.

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You don’t have a clue what you’re talking about.


you can’t even comprehend what you read.
after what i said if you think that wrath classic p2 raid was not easier than on it’s original times back in 2009 then you’re very dumb and i advice you to quit wow and care for your education. and i’m not trying to rude but it’s sad to see people this dumb as you in our world.


The CDs resetting doesn’t make anything easier it simply makes guilds not wait until they are reset.

Blizzard came right out and said they wanted to keep Ulduar more relevant and one way of doing that was by buffing gear. Now you can argue about this being bad/dumb or on par with Ulduar being in it’s pre nerf state, but that is another thing.

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This person Failrogue might be kind of rude, but overall, not wrong.

While waiting for cds to reset theoretically possible, not every raid group in original wotlk waited for all of them, which made cooldown management originally harder, especially for guilds trying to clear the raids at reasonable speed/asap.

The itemlevel buff in Ulduar of 6-13 itemlevel equals an power increase of ~10%. Wearing these items, even a 10% damage/hp buff of every boss in Ulduar would have been reasonable, to keep it closer to the original difficulty.
While Blizzard indeed said, that they are increased itemlevel to make Ulduar loot more attractive during ToC, Blizzard effectively nerfed Ulduar by buffing players.
It is also intended, that buffed Ulduar items like trinkets or valanyr are still in best in slot in ToC, making the content easier.

We do not need to start about Naxx patch, because most classes dealt significantlly less damage back in original 3.0.x patch.

Now we also have additional custom buffs for some specs, with the most prominent one being feral.

Other factors, like the content being solved and addons basicially playing the mechanics for the players, are not even considered.


Arguing or even implying that wotlk classic wasnt easier than original wotlk up to this point sounds like trolling, because it is proven, that the game was harder in multiple aspects and on multiple levels.


Ulduar is all pre-nerf and Algalon is buffed 30%, it’s way harder than what most people were doing in the original release.


You don’t know what you’re talking about, and I outdps with you with my Blood DK. Figure out how to play the game before you insult someone’s intelligence.

You guys realize that most of these bosses are in prenerf states that existed for a very minimal time in original WoTLK, right? Algalon was damage and HP buffed by 30%. Not every class is stronger than it was on WoTLK launch, DK’s anyone? Most of us progressed while we had very few Ulduar items anyways.


agreed. maybe 5% week 5

My life is great, I’m close to being certified on the CoC 3. Anyways, enjoy the forum suspension, you can take the time to practice your rotation.


Let gear nerf the content, not buffs.

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Gear should never be considered a content nerf.

Nerfs should apply to people who have never ran the content before and not be exclusive to people who already have.


Isnt the reason for skyrocketing stats each raid release in modern wow, that the hardmode content should be (close to) impossible with current gear and gear of the current content is needed to clear it? “Gear will nerf it” has been the very essence of wow raid gearing philosphy and its difficulty curve since early days.

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