Please Unlock Grobb

I know it won’t be unlocked any time soon

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I want lots of layers. I want 500 layers. Keeps it better.

Yea i agree

Moving an entire guild of people is not that easy…

That’s for sure…!

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Unfortunately it seems they have no intentions to unlock it… even though they didn’t mention it in a post that the regular player can comment on, they did make they intentions known in the WoW Community Council forums…

We have disabled new character creation and incoming paid transfers to the US and EU mega-realms, and they will remain locked indefinitely.

Yes, unlock it so that the queues start again immediately, great idea.

It’d be better if they just like gave people a limited number of invites to allow friends to get on the server. Add some restrictions like having been bnet friends for a year or something.

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That’s a pretty neat idea!

Right so. The community has spoken. Unlock grobb please. Thank you.

Make a toon on SOM get it to 10 and transfer or just transfer any character already 10 and over to grobb, then make what ever you want.

Noone is listening at Blizzard and they haven’t for months

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The only reason the queues stopped is because the server was locked…

Keep grobb locked for eternity. Ban all players without RP names permanently


No one cares that you hate elite players though. Nice try.

Yes please, I have a few friends who won’t play WOTLK Classic until this happens :frowning_face: :llama:

We can hope… :sob:

Keep it locked, Bliz. Learn from the WotLK launch debacle.

They will most likely never unlock the big servers, because it would just lead to people mass transferring back to them, recreating the problem.

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Then perhaps not unlock completely (which would allow transfers), but instead allow people to make new toons here. It would be nice for realms to not wither over time.

Big botter energy

Thats a solid idea like do the recruit a friend and get the rocket.