Please stop lying to the community about why you can't increase server size

In reference to this post.

It’s 2022, your hardware restrictions are not the same as 2008, and if they are… well your entire engineering capacity department should be replaced.

Imagine for one second if any technology company said “well latency is bad, and you have to wait in line to log in to facebook because in 2011 we had 1/3 the users”. Some people you’re lying to actually understand the engineering and software/hardware constraints you are under, and know that this entire post is either a lie, or blizzard officially has the worst infrastructure department on earth. (This actually sounds more like it was written by a non azure microsoft engineer, which kind of makes sense)

Every company that hosts servers or uses servers are under the same constraints blizzard is, and they don’t just hit capacity and degrade in perpetuity until they go out of business. Losing thousands of subscribers is likely (especially considering microsoft is literally a cloud company) going to cost blizzard more than the additional hardware costs spinning up more servers and increasing the server capacity will cost.

But you can continue to lie to the community, losing the shreds of respect you may or may not have.

At least have the decency to say the truth:
“We are too lazy or too cheap to increase the hardware, or invest in a non internship run infrastructure department, and we believe it won’t affect our bottom line, so deal with it or stop playing.”


Magic Johnson had enough Money to beat HIV, but Blizzard/Activision/Microsoft do not have enough money to fix technological issues in 2022 for a game the came out in November 13, 2008. Why is this not the obvious conclusion for all us that are involved? I mean the Blizzard Press Secretary said there is no way that they can fix it. we just have to leave the server we paid to xfer to 6 months ago.

There’s one more option, blizzard is playing chicken with the community intentionally to force transfers and they already anticipated this and will flip the fix switch the weekend before launch. That’s the only thing that actually makes any sense if there are any intelligent employees left there, which we hope to assume there are.

On twitter they are claiming this is a software problem… They must have literally ported all the code including their threading and connection stuff from wrath instead of using any of the stuff that makes retail so much smoother. In 1 year they could have solved this problem (which I still believe they are lying about to milk transfers). I’m just disappointed in their eng if that’s true, that’s literally junior/amateur or a no leadership problem. And it’s harsh because if 80k people are stuck unable to use the product for dozens hours for a product they paid for… it’s deservedly harsh. They should be embarrassed instead of making excuses, have some freaking pride in your engineering proficiency