Please Revert the Change to Healing Elixir

The Change:
Healing Elixir has been redesigned as a passive effect – You consume a healing elixir when you drop below 35% health and are not in a loss of control effect, instantly healing you for 15% of your maximum health. You generate 1 healing elixir every 30 seconds, stacking up to 2 times.

The Problem:
Currently Healing Elixir is an excellent and reliable tool in M+ for either maintaining self healing or providing bursty self healing depending on the situation. It is frequently used as a triage ability which frees up things like Vivacious Vivification procs or TFT/EnvM uses for the rest of the party and fits in seamlessly to the toolkit. It is off the GCD which allows for quick spot healing on yourself and allows you to use the GCD on someone else in high damage situations.

With this pending change it’s usefulness drops off significantly and it becomes extremely weak. Healing Elixir is a core part of our toolkit in M+ and frequent use cases include, but are not limited to:

  1. Topping myself before a mechanic that would otherwise kill me (Healing Elixir would not proc even though I would be below 35% hp because I would just be dead)
  2. Topping myself between close intervals of damage where casting is not an option
  3. Using instant proc spells (TFT/EnvM, LC, VV) on other players to triage and keep Healing Elixir for myself
  4. Mana management, as it has no mana cost
  5. High movement phases where casting is not an option

None of the above is possible nor reliable if the change goes through. To help visualize it, this is a run from a 27 Tyrannical Halls of Infusion where you can see my total number of Healing Elixir casts (44) versus the number of Healing Elixir casts while at or below 35% (6). This is effectively rendering the spell useless. Pulling active spells into a passive state is harmful especially when it comes to survivability.

While the spell is a small percentage of our overall healing, it is high in healing done to myself (4th place) which allows me to pay more attention the rest of the group since I can mostly cover myself with Healing Elixir. This allows Mistweaver to be much more versatile in 5 man content and generally helps the spec flow smoothly.

The Solution:
I understand Mistweaver has a lot of buttons and it can be overwhelming for new players so cutting down on button bloat could be an aim of this change. I also aware that the situations listed above are not relevant to some players due to differences in difficulty level and therefore seems like a minor change, even helpful in some cases if they forget to use it as an active ability.

However, the proposed change is harmful for an admittedly small % of the playerbase but even with a small amount of players effected, this change has significant impact for Mistweavers in M+, an already dwindling population.

My solution would be to either revert the change entirely or to make it a choice node with the active ability and passive ability available at player discretion.

TLDR: This change negatively impacts Mistweavers in M+ significantly and it should be changed to a choice node so players can either pick an active spell or passive spell.


You have completely hit the nail on most cases in this post, and literally echoed what went through my head when i first read those notes myself.

If I may, id like to tack onto this from a PvP perspective.

Being able to use Healing elixr is mandatory to ensure proper sustain at key moments on engagements. For example, being able to time uses between MS debuffs at the right time to just barely live and be able to enable another life saving global. Or, even just generally burning both slightly early for incoming burst damage or immediately try to power through MS if it comes down to it.

By making this a passive, you remove the ability to quickly plan ahead and remove agency for players and their control of their kit.

This change, as is, is terrible, and nobody asked for it.

Please, revert this. Or, as Toixic siggest, make it a choice node.

I would also suggest to post this in other areas as well to gain visibility.


Agreed this is a bad change.


Meg for president.

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Imagine having expel harm in your spell list and thinking healing elixer is a spell that needs to go.


I may be misremembering or it was different for brew back in the day, but I swear it used to have both the active drink and the passive auto drink effects on the same tooltip. Could see just adding the effect on as a passive for newer players to have a mini cheat death if they’re too busy managing the rest of their kit. Either that or make it a choice node.

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Nah, we have enough buttons, making this passive was a godsend. Maybe I’ll pick it up now. Sure the top 0.1% may hate it but the bottom 99.9% probably won’t.


Homie says in another thread

game too easy

Now says

don’t make game harder

Make up your mind homie

That’s how it generally worked from the tail end of Mists of Pandaria up until Battle for Azeroth, where it was generally tied to drinking Mana Tea to intentionally trigger the self-heal, but the stack would be automatically consumed when you go under 35%.

That definitely feels like a solid middle ground design, where you maintain it as an active ability, as it is now, for those that are able to use it to its maximum potential, while also leaving it for people that just want to set it and forget and have it heal them when they dip low.

Changing it to a pure passive feels…incredibly out of place.


well put and totally agree, feels completely arbitrary. At the bare minimum let the passive be a talent choice like you suggested

I agree with Meg. I hope Blizzard will consider this change. Making it as a choice node would be extremely excellent decision for both of the parties. Other players may consider the redesigned Healing Elixir while still having an option with the old healing elixir.

I completely agree. A choice node would solve the problem completely. You have done it with difuse magic. Please do it here as well.


I know it looks like a small thing but I really disliked that changed, so MANY times I did not die to a big hit mechanic cause I used my elixir before the hit and there is the mental situation where you quickly heal yourself and continue healing the party that is SOOO huge for me. (English is not my main language)

Yup. Tbh i never use elixers. Passive maybe ill start.

wut the mw doin?

Seems like this change is a pvp buff.

Yeah, MW’s need some type of passive defense as a melee healer but this is not the way to do it. They need a sanctified plates type talent like HPal has access to.


Weird change. TBH I was hoping they would have moved Healing Elixir to the class tree - seeing as the spec talent tree is already pretty point starved. Would have loved to pick it up for the “top off before big boom” reasons mentioned above, and because it was easy to macro with some of the defensives - but it was hard to move out valuable other point(s)/talents to get it.

If they go through with it it should be changed to an absorb/chi shield at least ( like angelic bulwark ), or kept as a choice node like mentioned above by others.

Deff not the way to go about reducing monk button bloat if that is their intention with this change. It should really be moved to the class tree, esp if this change goes through.


i agree with meg the mistwiggler. this is a bad change. giving us passive defensive survivability buffs should never come at the expense of choice.

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It is 100% a PVP nerf.

Completely agree with Meg. This is a terrible change.