Please respond to server split and overwhelming negative reactions

All these horde crying about long ques are the same ones that said “reroll on pve” during the onslaught of phase 2 when it was 10 horde vs 1 ally. Now those 10 horde have to wait in a que for that one ally to que up. Sweet justice.

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It’s still a broken system. Blizzard has the capability to mitigate all of this however it’s not in their immediate interest as a development group to fix it and some of the fixes would be pretty distasteful to implement (especially with how long they’ve largely done nothing to address the problems in game).

Ultimately there are too many more horde than alliance and that largely starts as a community issue. Anyone who came into this and did some research or reflected on what Vanilla through Cata was like in terms of horde/alliance ratios and how that gradually skewed (especially when Horde got B.Elves) should have realized PVP servers would be predominately horde. That causes a lot of issues in World PVP for Alliance and Instanced PVP for Horde.

Back to the top needs a respond

There are queues and then there Blue response to question queues.

If only I could post the meme of that skeleton on a bench.

I made this one:

Having the teams lopsided in my favor is only marginally better than the other way around.

Really? What company do you think you are talking to? Why on earth do you assume that Blizzard has decided to do what you told it to do?

I think silence is Blizzard’s normal response to feedback.

Feedback is important. But I think we’ve already had several dozen threads about this problem. Your post is not feedback. Your post is an argument, attempting to negotiate with Blizzard.

Pretending that you write “on behalf of” an entire group of players does not give you special status. Blizzard still won’t discuss this with you or negotiate with you.

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Ok! (10 char)


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Won’t get one, it’s useless to even ask.

Well I cant even get a BG for anything at 29, no AB or WSG :frowning:

It is undeniable that if Blizzard checks this forum, they have seen this thread. Let’s keep our voices active and give them the benefit of the doubt that they will either look into reversing this change or respond to us accordingly. Hope both parties are able to come to a resolution.

Irrelevant. We deal with east coast and west coast and mountain and central time constantly.

It’s not a hard thing to deal with.

of course it is relevant if you ppl keep bringing EU as an example.

Bumping this back toward the top where it belongs.

Thank you to everyone that believed :slight_smile:

Thank you Blizz for reverting <3

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I’m going to take a leap here and say you’re definitely overstepping on that one. Most players? Really? The majority of us came back purely to partake in non-level 60 PvP? No the people who came back just to make twinks are in the minority

Props to Blizz for making the right decision. The queues are already better with multiple of each BG going at 9AM PDT in brackets that would previously have none.

And a “big, big tanx!” to all the trolls who keep this thread bumped thinking they could make the World of Warcraft a bit less fun for one group at a time!

More games => faster queues => more people queuing => More games => …

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Thank Zod!

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Good to hear.

My plans to twink out a hunter is now back on the table.

aight this thread is irrelevant. we got what we wanted. appreciate you taking the time to read.


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