Please remove Vessels of Horrific Visions and Coalescing Visions

While the new changes to vessels and coalescing visions are appreciated, these currencies should be removed from the game entirely. As it stands, due to the restrictions on running Horrific Visions, players are being punished for actually engaging with the new content more than is absolutely necessary.

I understand the initial logic for their implementation, preventing players from trying to grind out their full cloak upgrades on day 1 of the expansion, but the time-gated upgrade quest handles that just fine. Additionally, if the rate of corrupted mementos gained is an issue, a presumably simple fix would be to implement a weekly cap on those. Similarly, loot from Horrific Visions is already limited to one piece per item level tier per week, so that shouldn’t be a concern.

Personally, I enjoy running Horrific Visions and challenging myself, and would run more each week even with no rewards. However, knowing that the upcoming weeks will require me to complete 6 and then 9 runs means that I can’t do a Horrific Vision unless it is necessary for my weekly cloak upgrade.

Horrific Visions are the only content I can think of (except maybe Mythic Raiding?) that I can’t continue to engage with after I’ve exhausted my rewards from it for the week. For example, if I enjoy raiding, I can still run raids despite not being able to get any more loot.

All I’m asking is that Horrific Visions be treated in this manner, instead of punishing us for actually liking and wanting to engage with the new content.


What are these new changes?

Yeah, I agree. Everyone was so happy that they were removing the cap on vessels and I felt like it doesn’t solve my problem with vessels…

My problem is that it feels bad to use them when I’ve already completed the weekly. It feels like a waste.

My hope is that the increase to currency will be substanstial enough that it won’t feel as bad.

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Sorry, I should have said upcoming changes: next week we are supposed to get increased amounts of coalescing visions from invasions and dailies and and the vessel cap is being removed
Edit: Blue post re: changes

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Just wan to add it also feels like the system punishes the player for trying to help others.

I run with a few guildies, for fun and ease. Now I have to limit who I help out with these as the requirements become higher each week to stay on top of the upgrades.

I just wish they’d make the damn keys stack.


Oh that sounds nice, thanks.

That’s an easy fix, or just make running a horrific vision cost 10000 coalescing visions and get the vessels out of our inventory entirely, seems like an unnecessary middle-man.


I really hate the vessel system. I like that you do dailies to get the vessels. I feel like you should be able to grind more vessels. The fact that I cannot grind vessels and keep on running visions is stopping me from wanting to do visions. If I fail on my Vision I cannot return and try again with a bit more work. I need to wait a week to try again and if I fail again (because I can’t practice) then my cloak is weak. Worst of all, if my cloak is weak then I can’t use half the gear that drops for me.

So usually when I fail my Vision and 2 pieces of gear with +20 corruption drop in the same week I feel bad because I can’t even try to upgrade my character; no matter how hard I grind. All I need to do are Visions. I can’t do any Visions. I can’t practice any Visions. If I fail the next Vision I might quit and just level ults.

I personally like playing games like Dark Souls, Overwatch, Starcraft 2, and WoW. All of these games embrace the idea that when you fail you try again. With this system at the center of WoW I now feel like this is a game that you log onto once a week, and play for 2 hours to get your gear. Because even when I grind out gear it still has corruption on it and I can’t even use it until more time passes.

I can’t grind and power up. I need to wait to be given my weekly vessel before I can start to make progress. and when I fail at my Vision i can’t even try again, I just lose a week of progress.

I don’t want to do any Visions anymore. I don’t want to have to log on next week and pray I beat my Vision. I want to be able to power my character up when I want.

I understand this system is apart of a game model that makes people play over a longer period of time. But I hate that kind of game and only want to play for a few weeks at a time. I’m not interested in playing for more than a month at a time; So this system is extremely uninviting for someone like me. If I can’t power up with lots of work in a short time, I don’t want to play this game.

I also understand this is a business and I generate a lot less revenue than other players that like a time-gated content system. but I know that the majority of WoW players are like me and do not like time-gating. I wish blizz would chose us over the money.


Once again, we’re seeing changes to relieve the symptoms plaguing the Horrific Visions system, but not a solution to the underlying problem.

As long as running a Horrific Vision requires a vessel (or coalescing visions), we will continue to be punished for playing with our friends, challenging ourselves, having the audacity to want to play alts (a common theme in both BFA and Legion), and worst of all, for actually enjoying the new activity added this patch.

Removing the vessel and coalescing vision caps as well as giving us a single extra vessel a week doesn’t solve the underlying problem.

As I stated previously, we are already prevented from leveling our cloak too quickly by the weekly release of that questline. If the concern is people acquiring too many corrupted mementos, institute a weekly cap on those. I feel like the Vessel system was created to solve a problem that already had a solution, or left in despite finding a better solution.

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Exactly. There is no reason to even have the key requirement in the first place. Not sure if I already said that in this thread earlier. It fills no purpose. The only thing that you could possibly farm without a key would be those mementos - that’s it. They could put a soft cap on that stuff per day/week.

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38% of the time, I have been disconnected from the visions. It just happened again so here I am.

I’m close to 5 masking them and just barely didn’t make it. so I did dailies and farmed up the 10K to buy a vial. I start the vision, I walk into the first zone and get stunned to 0 and it freezes and the mobs are bugged and I am hard disconnected.

This is just ridiculous. I’ve failed through the floor, been feared into walls, stunned dc’d. I have been pretty content and positive during the entire bfa expansion, I’ve really liked it. But at this point visions are the worst. The cloak isn’t work the time to put into only to see it vanish away and I have to go farm the stuff again. And for what…so I can get disconnected again.

I’m done with visions. Cloak isn’t worth it. It really is a massive waste of time of my time. I could have been doing other stuff that matters like longboy farm or m+ runs. And if the vision bugs out I can’t get what I farmed up refunded. It’s just dumb and not worth the hassle of doing if 38% of the time all the effort just vanishes into nothing with no reward.

I thought the visions were cool and the idea is there but the game for some reason I cannot trust the game to run a vision instance for me. I can’t get my farmed vials back and this has been an ongoing problem since 8.3 began and it hasn’t been fixed. Everyone in guild chat complains about visions bugging out all the time so it’s not just me. I’ve seen people complain about them in the heart chamber general chat too. It’s really just a useless grind.

They can and will only do this if it gives no rewards. Currently you can get 470 for a 5 mask run and then 465 / 460 corrupted reward. if they remove that reward and make it purely for the challenge it can be done.

if you can try for the Corrupted gear each time then it devalues the gear even more so then it is.

Or they can do it where if you put in a vessel you are eligible for the gear, if you don’t its purely a challenge/practice run

Try off peak times. I’ve only noticed issues since the quarentining.