Please remove thank you

Please remove thank you

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bump come join the fun need some good ranged!

bump up to le top

boop de woop we kill bosses

Gonna kill igly tonight let’s gooo

Come join us! bumpbumpbump

abstractguild dot com

Tig ol bitties

Boop de woop shadowlands balancing looking promising

Would LOVE a good disc or resto druid! Ranged dps always welcome go go go

10/12 let’s gooooooo

Carapace is a fun fight come progress with us

Chicka chicka boom boom carapace gonna die soon chicka chicka boom boom

Several phase 3 pulls tonight on first night ever on cara let’s goooo boys

Would love some more ranged trials maybe even s disc priest??

bump for beta access woot

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bumP it up

Boop de woop need dem ranged apps! A shadow priest would be a god send

Looking for more ranged dps! A shadow priest would be absolutely amazing come help us no longer use scrolls!!!

I miss when twinks were a thing