Please Remove Solo Shuffle

Keep it a limited timed event :slight_smile: Thanks. All the issues highlighted in this forum should be proof enough. Stop isolating playerbases please. Go to general/lfg and talk to people who arent toxic and push 3v3! I promise you its fun and you will meet lifelong friends <3 Thanks!

Additionally, from a macro view, we will have SoD, retail, Cata, and limited stuff like plunderstorm. This is OUT of hand :frowning: I think there is a correlation with queue times and the amount of versions of the game the playerbase has to play!



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I’ll remove RSS if they bring back the original 3D Doritos and Butterfinger BBs.

butterfinger bbs yes…3d doritos no thank you



3d doritos belong in the past just like clear pepsi

Honestly im down. Im going to spend this last week pushing, but deep down inside i know that part of my rise or fall will be an extension of the slot machine that is RSS.

Would much rather pull the lever on lfg next season, which i have gripes with, but not nearly as much as i dislike seeing hunter/warrior/dh every game. Hard to fight against and hard to fight with.

Nah I like solo shuffle. The comp variety and ability to play against some of the best players in the game has been really cool. It also allows me to be super flexible when I can que(long wait time aside).

I would suggest that the people that don’t want to play shuffle and instead head to LFG to push 3s do just that - however that has never really interested me personally.

I also think you’re being overly optimistic that a lot of those cata/sod/limited people would be immediately jumping into the arena if those other game modes didn’t exist. I’d wager it’s not as large a population as you think it would be. People who want to play arena would still be playing arena.


If you don’t like it, don’t play it.

Shuffle is great

The fact that there has been seemingly no shuffle inflation the entire season is not. According to my advanced data, it is actually far easier to climb in 3s, where there is free welfare rating.

Shuffle is the chad arena mode, and Shufflers should probably get two Glad mounts just for hitting duelist.

Strange, I always thought your stance was if you don’t like it, say terrible things about its family.


or the mcdonalds pizza i swear it was fire :100: :+1:

just remove sod/classic and have plunderstorm be a 2/3 week event

SOD is probably the only good thing about wow right now

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SOD, Classic, and Panda mode… S4 sounds dead aleady.
I think Im prioritizing Panda mode over retail for all the vanity items

that’s what I did in my previous expansions and yet I don’t seem to find any of that specimen you call “friends”.
Also it took way longer to reach my goals back then, I don’t like solo shuffle queue time but the results are much faster.

charles didn’t figure that perma banning would be handed out like candy

ur name hehe plus comment. equals fun

Sure, let’s kill the one mode that is keeping arena interesting.

Pick one. You can’t have both