Please remaster Classic

Similar to Diablo 2 Resurrected. With a new art, graphics, ray-traced lighting, actually-dark nights, and a graphics toggle (back to the old graphics).

:black_small_square:︎ Sell it as a separate box, with various editions

:black_small_square:︎ Monthly subscription

:black_small_square:︎ Let people pay $10 or whatever to change their face type, hairstyle, hair color, jewelry, etc. This will be contentious, but nobody will actually care once the game is out.

:black_small_square:︎ No P2W

:black_small_square:︎ Hardcore servers, for folks who enjoy that

:black_small_square:︎ Possibly release an already fully-progressed server, and people can pay to clone their current character over to it. That way, if they’ve got a character in full T3 and want to keep him/her, they can.

:black_small_square:︎ Do TBC and WotLK Remastered, too

Thanks for reading.


Hard pass. Even keep the pre lvl 40 running as is as well.
If you want to play a WoW resulting from everyone wanted to change something, play retail. Classic as is is the real WoW for many.


Hard YES. I’m with Eyrinn. I’ve played this since 05 and the graphics are hideous. We want classic but bring it into this century. I love playing classic but it’s comical how it looks.

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Oh also. That retail comment. Yea we don’t want to play some bloated mmo. It sucks.

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no thats not what we want. thats why you only see these posts a couple times a year


No, thank you.


Keep saying it but a working toggle is the best option regarding this matter.

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The new water, 4k, solid fps, increased view distance, denser ground clutter, and actually being able to turn up shadows is plenty for me. There’s more they could do, certainly. Proper weather, for instance. And night time, as you mentioned. Perhaps something with artificial lighting like torches.

This I wouldn’t mind. Not sure many people would complain if there was a toggle for modern graphics. It’s not like in retail where keeping the old style would have to basically do double the work for every new ability/item added as once they finished they’d be done.

Edit: But I would really love to have more character customization options added to Classic. Shouldn’t be hard to make low poly versions of additional looks.

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I support a remaster as well, even better if there is a button to toggle between new graphics and old. I used to be a hardcore Vanilla WoW player. I returned recently to play Classic and HC Classic, but out of curiosity I logged into retail WoW. I fell in love with the updated graphical art style. I always found Vanilla WoW graphics muddled, but after seeing the new ones I want them to be applied to classic as well.

If new models and animations came to WoW Classic with no alternative, I’d be permanently on private servers.


No, new models from retail are awful and the graphics are meh, clássic is like 100x times better than remastered wow.

Not to mention that sounds from retail sucks


Won’t happen. Too much work for a skeleton crew still working on WoW.

SoM 2 when?

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In Vanilla Night was much darker - Blizz somehow ruined this :frowning:

I would NOT like new graphics, thank you very much.


Classic is already out. Want the retail experience? Play retail. Want the classic experience? Play classic.

Now blizz give us something new. Classic with QoL changes and graphic updates

You have classic already. What the game is missing is classic +

That means graphic update, dual spec, more flight paths, mounts at 20, improved class balance, etc

That’s not what classic plus means. That’s what you want not us.

I’d rather them use dev time on something useful. Graphics aren’t that


TBH I would simply pay to play classic with Retail graphics… I just like the spell animations in retail and the character customization just looks better.

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As long as there’s a toggle so you can choose.

I prefer the Classic models/animations.


I’m all for the graphical improvements dealing with the environment such as Ray-Tracing, but if the new graphics toggle involves models from post-WoD, I can’t dig it. They’re just too cartoonish.

Furthermore, for me, there lies a certain appeal to the old '05 player models

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