Please reconsider your stance on retail/classic reward linking

Completely agree with Blizzards stance, retail and classic shouldn’t be linked at all.


why is this thread still getting posts?
do that many BfA players want to get themselves a scarab mount for BfA that badly or what?


Yes, actually, it did. At BlizzCon there was an interview segment shortly before the Classic presentation went on stage. Two of the high-level guys involved with Classic both said at separate times something to the effect of “The fans told us continuously that they wanted this, so that got us thinking that we should see if it’s possible. When we saw it was possible, we couldn’t wait to give them what they had been asking for.”

So…yes. The demand is why they changed their mind.

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Doesn’t work, as it opens up the the “I’m out of here” problem 5 seconds after the player picks up what they were after. Sure, it might be a year or more before it copies over to retail, but they KNOW it will happen.

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Why don’t you concern yourself with unlocking rewards in retail wow (like the raid you sit in LFR for) before you start bi***ing about cross-game rewards. AT LEAST an AoTC lmfao

LFR Heroes… /sigh always posting on alts thinking that protects them


While this is true, you still have to remember that Blizz is still running 200+ “servers” world-wide while the p-servers are only running a handful (at most). Even if the p-servers are running 5-15k at a time they still have a way to go to catch up to the sum total of what retail currently gets.

What about those of us who DID earn the items in vanilla and no longer have them? As an enchanter, I de’d everything from vanilla in TBC. Items like the Breastplate of Bloodthirst and Cadaverous armor that are no longer obtainable in game. I was so excited during Legion beta when so many items were restored to the transmog wardrobe yet I never got these items back and after numerous GM petition through both beta and in live, I was told here was no way to prove I ever had them. I loved vanilla, but I see little reason to play a recreation of it now. Being able to get back the items I lost on my main account, however, would certainly help to motivate.


It’s been said before. Perhaps it should be said again. The incentive for playing Classic is being able to play Classic itself. If you are deprived of the ability to enjoy the original game as it was 13 years ago unless it has connections to modern WoW, then Classic is not for you. It is a simple concept to understand. Move along.

I for one will be wholeheartedly no-lifeing the preserved Classic experience until I run my social life (further) into the ground. And I can’t wait.


Does anyone miss post caps? It feels like this topic has gone it course and people just beating a dead horse honestly.

The Horde will never die.

Wow how funny auto correct usually makes Horde into Horse but this time it did the reverse.

It’s a pretty foolish philosophy, not to take small steps to encourage players to persist in Classic. The drop off in 3 weeks, and at 3 months will be huge. Unlocks help encourage some players to remain. Their mere presence will, in turn, bolster the dungeon and raid rosters of many other players whose experiences would suffer without company to share it with.

That social fabric from reward seekers gives communities the time they need to grow, for fellow players to form bonds. They do not need to be old rewards, make it something new to preserve Classic. Clear Nax 40 and in retail you unlock a simple set of title / mount / armor / weapon.

That’s all it would take to help Classic thrive. Blizzard could do their part to help the players out. Classic should not just be built and abandoned.


Your response in this thread is basically a clear cut example of what is wrong at blizzard right now.

A lot of people are asking for this… as well as a lot of people asking not to. Instead of saying we see what your saying and are always listening, you basically are just say no, your idea is not valid, and don’t play the game if you do not agree with me.

Tell me I am wrong? You are telling people not to play the game if they don’t agree with it?

That is exactly the same message and attitude that got blizzard asked at blizzcon if their big Diablo reveal was an April fools joke… When you outright dismiss or ignore a segment of the player base, you come off looking very foolish and the stock falls, and people lose their jobs…

You don’t have to agree with or say you are doing what the fans say they want something… but you should at least acknowledge that they are being heard and what they say is being pondered…rather than saying take our ball as is and play with it or go home.

Would it be to hard to simply say, “I understand that this is something that some of you want, but at this time we are not going down that path, but we will pass your thoughts onto the development team”?

I guess for you it is.

I’d prefer Blizzard to be more cut-and-dried like this all day everyday.


Oh I do want Classic.

The thing is, classic actually had people playing it. Who’s going to play this thing after their rose tinted glasses are shattered and they realize they don’t want to put 500hours to level to 60 again and grind hundreds of weapon skills to use their new upgrade?

Wanna know what does attract people to the servers? Enticing them with rewards and a second chance to experience what they might have missed out on. Wanna know what ruins the classic experience? Empty servers and sharding technology on what little population remains.

Very “authentic” experience Blizzard.

I don’t see how me getting a random vanilla quest reward skin from classic to transfer to my main live account “ruins” the classic experience. Nothing on the classic end is changing after all.

Well, at least he doesn’t have my personality. I’m not even sure I want my personality. Wouldn’t mind his snark ability though. Waaaaaaaay better at it than me.

“Blizzard wants what’s rare in live to remain rare.”

Oh is that so? Is that why my Defias and SM sets suddenly went from "impossible to obtain’ to obtainable in live?

Is that why the entire loottables of the vanilla world bosses became re-obtainable during the anniversary event?

There’s no warning when something magically becomes reobtainable. There’s no consistency either. Remember when GM and HWL were vanilla titles? Why are we putting so much stock into “unobtainable” objects when Blizzard has shown time and time again that they don’t care about your unique snowflake status symbols.

What’s exclusive today might not be tomorrow. The line has already been crossed countless times there’s no point in trying to make a goal line stand anymore on this issue.

"See here’s the other problem. While yes you apparently want both and thus you get auxiliary rewards.

What about those who are enticed to classic because of mogs and mounts?

We don’t want those. They will bail when they get what they want."

Wrong. Those are the type of players who won’t even make it to level 60. 90% of the playerbase never even made it to the levelcap in vanilla. AND THAT WAS BACK THEN! When we all had more freetime and we weren’t spoiled by modern WoW.

You guys are crying about a phantom population that will not exist. Anyone who actually does make it through to the end will have enough investment in their classic side characters to keep playing.

Since the work to implement Classic is already being done, do you think the Devs might be willing to “double dip” on that investment?

What I mean is, you’re already getting the old zones, dungeons, npcs, quests, items, etc. up and running on the modern client for Classic. Would it be too much to hope that Modern WoW could get that old content added back in, say via a caverns of time portal to “Old Kalimdor” and “Old Eastern Kingdoms”. Obviously Flight would be disabled in the old versions of the continents since they aren’t updated for flight, but that’s a small price to pay to have access to the classic versions of everything, yet still have the features of Modern WoW.

Doing this allows Blizzard to basically tout the old zones as a feature added to Modern WoW for those who don’t want to play in the Classic Ruleset environment, but still would like to do the old quests/dungeons/raids/etc.

This would also add a huge amount of content for mog chasers, pet collectors, and mount farmers, and it helps justify the time and effort being devoted to Classic, since its also adding “content” to Modern.

If they did this, then there would be little point to doing a purely classic WoW as a separate ecosystem. Think about it - if they did it the way you’re asking for, then it would be that players could get their cake and then go back and eat it too since the things from old WoW would then be available in modern WoW.

While I’d love for it to be this way (and realistically it is a viable solution in and of itself, so I’m not dissing you or belittling your suggestion), I doubt Blizzard would go for it simply because they’ve got their minds made up somewhat about how they want classic to play out.

I do think it would be nice to be able to go back and get items we didn’t necessarily have a chance to get before because of how endgame worked in that your main was always used for raids and your alts pretty much never got a chance to do the other quests for good items (e.g. my priest got Benediction/Anathema, but my hunter never got the chance to get the questline going for Rhok’delar).

I understand what you’re asking for - the completionist that couldn’t get all of what they wanted back then would love another opportunity to go for it again. I would too. I just don’t think Blizzard will ever give us that. :frowning:

The point of Classic is the reason why mount/pet/mog unlocks won’t carry into modern. Classic is for people who want to be in the vanilla environment with the vanilla rules and everything as much like it was back then as possible.

My suggestion does not appeal to the people who want Classic because its old zones but in the Modern WoW ruleset and the potential to reach lvl 120+.

Anyone who would have played Classic just for unlocks isn’t going to play Classic now knowing they won’t be able to unlock anything. But those people would probably spend more time in Modern trying to get those things if the old zones were added. It’s a win win for Blizzard because either way some version of wow is getting more MAU’s and most of the work is already being done for Classic anyway.

There are many pros to bringing back the old content to Modern WoW and very very few cons. The fact that the work is going to be done regardless makes implementing my idea a very cost effective way to add a ton of stuff for people to do in Modern.