Please reconsider your stance on retail/classic reward linking

There is no measure of success we’re looking for in Classic. It’s us trying to give that section of the community what they’ve been asking for for more than a decade and making it as authentic as we can possibly make it.

If a million people play Classic or a thousand people play Classic that’s awesome, we’re just happy that we’re giving them the home they’ve been asking to return to. The existing rewards will should still exist but they will of course stay on Classic. They are two separate experiences.

Well you can simply ask them to present proof of this, which they’d have to make up numbers for, or take painfully wrong guesses about WoW’s active numbers. Spoiler: I’ve know both numbers, that statement couldn’t be more wrong.


Not trying to call you a liar, but with how the CMs have treated the player base in the past and how they currently treat the playerbase, no one is going to just take your word for it. In game it’s pretty evident how low the playerbase is, even without knowing exactly how many people are playing. M+ is nearly dead in group finder, I can look at any time, any day, on Alliance and see only 2-3 groups actually looking for players to run a key between 10-14. There’s more people using the group finder for spam WTS groups than there is legit groups running 10s or higher. Horde has it a bit better, but it’s still no where near what Legion had going for it at any point of the expansion.

Finally with classic we can leave all the retail trash behind have our community back. How does it boil down to… we need casuals or we will fail???

Vanilla and retail are vastly different. Most people on classic are going to be raiding. Similar to the premium server and progression servers in EQ.

welp, that’s a lie. currently there are 10+ groups in group finder looking for 10 or higher keys alone.

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Once again, ladies and gentlemen, the greatest community manager of all time.


Pretty sure I’ve never once lied to any of you. Nor would I do it if asked. I can’t speak for other CMs in the past, but I’m pretty sure I’ve never done it and I’ve never heard of them doing it either.

I appreciate your feedback about the live game but that’s something more fitting for the General Discussion threads. I share your complaint about the advertisement in group finder though.


I’m personally glad I won’t have to go back to classic to grind out stuff that you shouldn’t be able to get anymore, See: Old transmog items

imgur. com/a/yiukLsF
imgur. com/a/P27YoVQ

5 groups that aren’t sale groups currently up in LFG between +10-15

To follow up, I can say I’ve never seen a lie from you personally, but sometimes the way you post and others have posted in the past come off as very rude for a person in the position you have. While I understand that the forums become very harsh towards CMs and Devs, you’re supposed to be the cool head. And it certainly is frustrating seeing posts in threads that don’t warrant a blue post then never seeing blues where they’re most needed.

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That’s probably me not helping myself in that avenue. I’ve never once actually felt anything rude in any posts that I’ve written. I actually am internally just giddy every single time I write and see the blue text. It makes me endless happy that I grew up seeing it and now I do it. So just know that I’m aware of that and I’m sorry if that comes across and I actually love this and love that you all share your passion with me on a daily basis.

A lot of times that’s just the unfortunate reality of the process. I just don’t have things ready to communicate but I need to at least try to show you guys that I’m active and reading what you say. This is an area we always need to improve in both personally and as an organization.


Ythisens is the hero we need and deserve. The brightness of this discussion board; our true savior. Shines light in the dark places.

The GOAT. Tom Brady? He fumbles too much. Abraham Lincoln? His fashion sense is dated. But Ythisens…flawless. Perfect in every way.

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but you said 2-3, either way there are like 50 groups posted up in lfg for dungeons alone dont seem dead to me.

I get that, but when? We’ve been hearing the same “we need to improve” since the beginning of Legion when the patch notes the week after Emerald Nightmare came out with a ton of untested and undocumented changes came out. We’re now 2 and a half years past that point almost and we’re not even seeing acknowledgement blue posts saying that you understand something is an issue and you’re reporting it. Classes are in a terrible state right now and we’ve seen no discussion since Feral Druids got their changes a little while back. We got a little blue post on the changes to Elemental and a blue post telling Enhancement players they’re not getting the attention they were promised that then got dropped with zero communication past that point.

So when are we going to see the improved communication? Because at the rate at which it’s going I don’t see it in the foreseeable future.

Could you tell us if the non-vanilla graphics options that were in the demo (water, shadows; animated vegetation) are going to be in the completed version of Classic?

I said above 10, so don’t attempt to change the argument after being proven wrong.

This ain’t GD, buddy. Please move along.


Your whole argument is that m+ is dead in groupfinder not that there is not enough grps for +10s. It is you that was proven wrong.

Ythisens, I haven’t seen anything rude or condescending in anything you’ve said. Pointing out that things people are asking for aren’t likely to happen isn’t rude… Saying ‘no’ when someone asks for changes isn’t rude. It’s simply confirming the intentions for Classic.


Just because the response you get is “No” doesn’t mean it is rude. I have yet to see Ythisens be rude. I don’t always agree with everything being said either but that definitely does not make it rude.

A lot of people call others out for trolling on the forums if they don’t agree on a certain point. In fact, others even resort to name calling or trying to belittle the person that doesn’t agree with them. I see a lot of pixel comparisons when people don’t agree.

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Being honest, +10’s are all that really matter once you actually reach a point where you care