Please reconsider your stance on retail/classic reward linking

Those sound EXACTLY like Vanilla experiences to me. Just saying. :slight_smile:

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Except you would inflate that quite a bit from vanilla.
Turnover happened no doubt.
Your change would inflate the turnover rate to something beyond that .

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Surprised no one has said this, but this statement currently as far as we know is false. Unless stated otherwise, I can buy a token in retail, and play both retail and classic from that game token. I know this isn’t precisely what you’re talking about when using items in game, but token purchases in retail are going to have an effect on Classic.

I suppose that’s possible, and if so, where does it end.

I would imagine it ends with having the collection tab shared between retail and classic.

Eh that’s not really the same thing but I get your point. I’d argue that they’re still not connected even with that. Just having a subscription allows you to play the game. It doesn’t get you anything past that.

If things were sold like pets or mounts then you could make that argument, but I don’t think it has any merit when you’re just talking about the sub.


I’m guessing this is in place to get people to spend time on live game. And they’ll have to have latest PAC there to actually make the gold to purchase the token in a timely manner.
Personally my time is more value than to do this, and I don’t enjoy playing the modern wow.

So long as tokens aren’t being sold on the AH in Classic… Which I can’t imagine would ever happen.

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IMO, it should never begin. That way there is no need to even ask where it ends.

Oh, I agree. Food for thought though.
I recall someone giving me a ‘white kitten’ and although it was nice gesture I was not to happy to lose the bag slot. :confused:

Hmm, no. What I got from it is that they didn’t think about it yet, and they’d pass it on.

So until Blizzard says yes or no, I’ll continue to talk about it.

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Considering the fact that NOBODY brought up that fact for several HOURS, it seems like not many people remember that rule. I just checked and that was, indeed, the case.

It still doesn’t change the fact that your account is FLAGGED. So you put Murky on one Classic toon.

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Thank you. It would be devastating to cave on that philosophy in the slightest, all rewards would forever become meaningless.

It’s like starting as a new employee at the lowest position of a company and demanding to be made CEO. Retroactively, a decade ago.


Terrible analogy.


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Your account isn’t flagged. You’re given a code to use. You could give your code to someone else and they could claim a Murky on a character.

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Well we already know transmog and mounts and stuff like that won’t transfer over. If you get a retail pet for buying a collector’s edition I can live with that, or get your old collectors edition pet.


…and then you use the code and your account becomes flagged.

Christ, dude, really? That’s your argument?

“Your account gets flagged but it’s really not”

Yes, that’s my argument. I could go to Ebay right now, buy a code and get myself a Murky. Was I at Blizzcon 2005? No. Did I have Murky in Vanilla? Obviously not.

So…what is your argument? You’re so consumed with the fact you want to stand-out in Classic with items you got from a different game, that there’s absolutely no logic or consistency to what you’re saying.


And someone can go to eBay right now and get a vanilla CE. Their account gets flagged too, dude. Your point is laughable at BEST.

I’d be fine with it for a variety of reasons.

  1. literally everything else has been shot down.
  2. his bag space that’s gonna hurt.
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