Please put back PvP honor vendors & resilience

As cookie-cutter as that would inevitably be…

The alternative that we’ve had for 2 expansions and counting isn’t any better, i would excuse Legion if all that power didn’t vanish come BFA, at that point, it’s just as borrowed as everything in BFA has been.

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Yes to solo queue RNGs.

Mixed on the rest. The reward structure right now isn’t great but going back to PvP gear as the default welfare gear (from the change to buy with honor at the end of Vanilla until Legion) doesn’t sound great either.

I can dig all of those changes. Yes please Blizzard. Yes please.

Welfare gear drops everywhere

They could easily just add some mythic 0 powered gear to pvp with a vendor and the whole pvp world would be amazing


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Mythic 0 is 400 item level which is trash lol.

It already gives a full set of 415 then a full set of 430 at a rate of 1 item per week. That would be a downgrade.

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Okay well give us reasonable pvp gear
There are like a million things they could do

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To be honest I don’t count it as welfare when stat allocation is lost to PvP specific stats.

Sure it might be the same ilvl as a normal raid drop, but performance wise in PvE it would probably be more equivalent to a Heroic dungeon piece.

Also those pieces still took a lot of time to earn, compared to rng drops like today that are equal to PvE pieces anyway.
Seems only like improvements to me.

Sure you could say people are getting access to bought epics though, but epics mean nothing in todays game anyway.

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@OP, good post.

I suspect the only reason blizz, and some players, aren’t interested is because they only PvE and expect that their PvE gear should always be best for PvP.

Also, can people quit it with the “welfare gear” complaint? What’s closest to “welfare gear” (WQs for example) isn’t good for anything except for alts until they get something better from expending time playing.

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I just want PvP rewards that give better gear for PvP than PvE.

A player in PvE gear Mythic or whatever, should not be able to defeat a player in PVP gear

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People where having a hard time finding the pvp vendors

Yet they give us a system like this down the road.

Logic = 0

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Straight honor gear= green ilevel of say 400
Honor + conquest= blue ilevel 430
Conquest+honor=purple 440
Marks of Honor= upgrades and cosmetics

Win 2 of each bg each week= something

They should of put a simple pvp vendor in for 8.3 and it would of made the patch alot better. Like crap even have a junior dev work on it for exerience or somthing so minimal resorces are being taken.


5 won’t happen, they have burned that bridge already. And I would be amazed if they ever added a “queue” for rated BGs, let alone a solo one.

No. What they should do is standardize gear across the board for all players in Battlegrounds and Arenas. I would also go so far as to say that it should also be the case for World PvP but I’m not so sure (World PvP is more akin to sandbox PvP and maybe gear disparities should exist).

Agreed, I haven’t PvP’d since MoP and Bliz needs to go back to what worked.

Didn’t they already sorta do that in Legion and it was vehemently hated?

Was it? I don’t think I ever say any hate for standardizing gear for PvP. The only players would would possibly be against this are the hard core PvE players who hate PvP but really enjoy one shotting those pesky PvP players who don’t have the high level gear that they do.

Yeah, it was quickly removed after a single expansion. Even PvP players want their gear progression to be meaningful.

  1. Yes please. No explanation here - it was a travesty that it ever went through to begin with.

  2. Please. I’ve been saying separate M+ from Raid from PVP. Have a PVP power / resil, M+ power / resil, Raid power / resil. Make them beneficial enough for those who want to excel in those areas able to but not a requirement for those who are getting their feet wet in those respective fields. Have vendors for all and call it a day.

  3. I really have no feelings towards this so, sure? I think this goes back to PVP vendors in the first place

  4. ?

  5. Old Talent Tree’s aren’t nearly as ambiguous as everyone realizes. The return of classic shows this - yes you can change your spec here and there and still perform pretty optimal. But it’s not as if every class can just spec whatever they want and do whatever they want. There’s optimal and then there’s sub-optimal. People still want optimal.

What we should really want isn’t old-style talent trees but Class uniqueness. Class spells coming back is a great thing, but Tier sets (not for the bonuses, although those are sick, too) for the cosmetics. Give us a reason to do the raid other than Ilevel, power-spike, ect. Same with M+ and PVP gear.

More talents to stress over power spike until WoWHead or your favorite streamer break the spec to the point of being cookie cutter and if you don’t do the amount of DPS, Heals, ect that you’re supposed to do you’re not invited to stuff or can’t reach the heights of others, isn’t what this game needs. Because you know they won’t balance multiple tiers with multiple talents with multiple tiers of said talent when we already have balance issues with the current 3 talent per tier system.

At least there’s different specs for PVP, M+, and Raid.

so junior dev works on, who draws the feature? who is the stakeholder? who does the code check? Who does the regression testing? Who does the user acceptance test?

1 person doesn’t add a feature, entire teams do.