Please, need help on navigation

Ok, so I am really having a hard time figuring how to get from point A to B (when it isn’t a quest that explains it). I am new this expansion and don’t really know where much is at all from previous. I don’t know many cityies or even zone names at all or where they are… Ok I get it takes time to figure it all out, no problem but in the meantime, is there an add on that does this:

  1. Enter what destination you want
    • It then calculates quickest way to get there like a GPS on a car would using portals, Hearhstone etc

So for example, I enter: Gruul’s Lair

It would say (totally making this route up): Use Portal in Zuldazar to Orgrimmar --> then take portal in Orgrimmar to Blades Edge mountains --> then take Evergrove Griffon to Netherstorm Area 52 Griffon --> Then walk to Gruul’s Lair

Again, I know this isnt the route but looking for an add on that does this or something similar. Is there one or any other recommendations?

I’m not sure if there is an addon for that. Directions and destinations can be found with google and you tube much of the time. If you type in the name of specific place in you tube, they usually show exactly where it is on the map.