Please merge the OCE battlegroup with NA again

Should probably make it clear you’re being sarcastic. Also if you’re in Australia, you’ll get about 300-400 ms on most “naughty servers”.

Not being sarcastic. And I’m well aware.

there was an OCE TBC arena server. If TBC gets silly I’m sure it will start back up.

What, with a population of 6 people?

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Post about arena points was from someone else just linking the 1 above with options is what i propose and think it easily resolves a lot of the issues and on the offchance it don’t then as a last resort they could look at completely merging us with NA but only after they’ve exhausted the other options not give us the lazy fix straight up

They might not have asked for refunds, but they were certainly unhappy with the merge, as you can see in this thread.

It seems like the majority would prefer the battlegroups stay unmerged.

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100% most want unmerged battlegroup but that isn’t to say we dont want the issues we’re facing resolved as well

Fact is queues are an issue mostly for horde due to faction imbalance but also for alliance and arena queues as well

However with that being said the solution isn’t just ok merge us with NA and let us play with 200-300ms that is a very short sighted way of looking at fixing the issue

As i’ve constantly mentioned above

I doubt that’s the case. No serious pvper wants this.

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Serious pvper here 100% do not want to be merged with NA and play with lag

I reckon we should make a poll

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Pointless because most won’t even see the thread/poll but when they felt it aka NA merged they came out loud and clear in the oceanic merge thread and it was a clear and loud NO

I’m sure they didn’t realise that it would kill queues for us, and mean the end of any AV queues. No AV queues means a whole aspect of Pvp that OCE can no longer engage in. You guys want it to stay like that forever?

Nope that’s why there are multiple proposals on how to address the issue its not a clear ok keep it like this or merge there are solutions inbetween to resolve our issues without giving us the worst experience possible in terms of lag

Try to do some reading above

The solution is simple, merge the battlegroups for BGs - keep arena separate. As much as the OP is complaining about arena queue times - they really aren’t that bad. I’m on the upper side of OCE mmr currently and the 2s queues are about 3-4minutes max. That’s bearable imo. Lack of AV isn’t.

Option 1 : Queue Priority system - After being in queue 5 mins you are put onto NA battlegrounds.

Option 2 : Give an option for oceanic players to either queue OCE or NA at there discretion.

Option 3 : Make battlegrounds NA but keep Arena’s on oceanic servers

Option 4 : Show how many players are in queue for xx bg / arena

You’ve created a PvP system that encourages players to not participate and refuse to address the underlying issues

AV Meta - Rush boss ignore pvp
WSG - Play 1 cap then give up for best honor
EOTS - Cap 1 tower then spam cap flags for honor

You have players botting / spam afking bg’s.
You have players organising groups to intentionally lose for mark farming.
You have players who aren’t even bothering to bg because of how low the honor is.

All of this behaviour is because you fail to address the underlying issues around pvp / faction imbalance etc.

These are just some quick examples and im certain others have even better options suggestions.

Potential Solutions

1.Increase honor per battleground so they become more enjoyable and rewarding.

AV - Why do people want to rush to end and kill boss ? because its the most effecient honor per hour you force them to play that way ? fix it increase honor from objectives like towers / galv ? give more bonus honor for summoning npcs like ivus etc encourages players to actually play the battleground the way it should be played.

AB - Only reason people afk or won’t participate is they don’t want to sit in a 3 - 2 capped game for 30-40 mins + for such small amounts of honor increase the honor per match it makes the 40 min games worthwhile to not only play but also try to win.

EOTS - Bring back honor from flags but also increase tower honor gains that are much higher the priority objective is the tower with the flag being secondary.

WSG - Increase honor per capped flag.

2.Open free faction transfers for oceanic realms with faction imbalances.

3.Alternative is look at the faction racials which is what i believe causes some of the faction imbalances to begin with and see what can be done around that.

What you’re discussing there is an overhaul of the whole PvP system. We’re talking about just fixing the queues for OCE.

Read options 1,2,3,4 simple solutions for our issues

Adding lag to reduce queue times by a few minutes isnt worth it. There are fundamental issues with the pvp system most of which is a lack of incentive for non arena players to participate in BGs as its basically just mid tier gear that pve players will get faster and pvp players who dont plan to arena will still need to replace with arena gear in sw

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As an outsider watching the situation I can sum up my knowledge of the oce/na pvp shenanigans.

~4 months ago - Oce: blizz please merge us with na, 1hr+ wait for bgs and av doesn’t exist outside of the holiday weekend.


Now - Oce: wtf blizz merge when??

Make up your minds. This is getting ridiculous.

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100% this as mentioned above who’s going to spend 300+ hrs grinding blue pvp gear as a normal player lol its only the sweaty nerds doing it not to mention people aren’t all 70 yet