Please merge na and oce for bgs and non rated arena skirms

you wouldnt have any if oce was put on NA and not vice versa. we just want to play the game, dont care about 100 extra ms in a bg.



Because when they tested this “fix” people on NA had to deal with 3-5x their usual pings or sometimes worse. If you want to PvP then you should play on NA servers, it’s an easy fix for you specifically instead of making the game worse for a much larger group of people.

go and re read what i said

“Please merge na and oce for bgs” NO

Because you are intentionally misleading people and trying to inflate the issue. Also the fact that this thread exists shown it was not made in good faith. If you really wanted to show your support, you would have posted in the 10 other threads that already exist to discuss the topic.

Instead you are playing the “Artificially Inflate the Issue” game by creating yet another thread. In those other threads it was already pointed out, by many individuals on the OCE servers, that it is the minority that want this, but they are trying to make it seem like more want it, by using underhanded tricks like creating multiple threads on the same issue, replying to their own threads on alt characters and accounts, etc.

The truth is, it is only a few guilds that are supporting this effort and are using all the forum tricks in the book to make it seem like more support it. It is misleading and disingenuous.

you wouldnt have any if oce was put on NA and not vice versa. we just want to play the game, dont care about 100 extra ms in a bg.

Still not understanding why YOU don’t just play on NA servers since this is a problem for YOU not everyone else

im not misleading people and it is a big issue, we cant get av outside of av weekend, we cant even get a full 15man for a bg group outside of a 3-4 hour window at nights…pretty unplayable queing 8v15.

It is because you do not represent the majority of the OCE players. They have already spoken in the other threads on this topic and stated as much.

A large amount of Oceanic players are vehemently against merging, as evidenced by this very popular thread:

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Thank you @Bloomsday. That is just one of several threads.

would you move to NA and give up playing with all your friends and have massive issues finding a guild that raids at a suitable time for you, just so you could play a pretty big part of the game that shouldnt be this hard to access?

no but I also wouldn’t come on the forums demanding that the entire game be modified for my own personal convenience

If I wanted to pvp that much I would reroll on NA servers

It’s kinda sad that we are just bracket padding for the US players, no 1 2s / 3s team is at glad rating. Give us our own ladder or merge us.

In saying that if you are merging us because you have to merge us with the queues not popping, then it should be a level playing field on who gets OCE / US ping just like it was pre patch and retail.

So you want players to just transfer to USA? Thats just gonna kill OCE faster and they will just be forced to merge quicker

No, seperation has been great. Que times are short as. Now give us our own ladder please :slight_smile:

It’s surprising to me that some people would much prefer to play with higher ping, instead of advocating ideas to increase participation and have OCE its own ladder.
I certainly appreciate being able to play at very low ping and being able to play against the regular pvpers on a daily basis. It’s a great community. I would prefer to keep it that way.

And since blizzard have already unmerged us once, it would take a LOT for them to remerge us again.

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Still no response and only 1 glad team in entire OCE

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