Please make Theotar (The Mad Duke) prominent

LOL! That’s an amusing way to look at it. I love it!

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That’d be fun for the gameplay potential too, “Today, I have decided we should all have flowers with tea!” just like a global quest to bring Theotar random stuff and once he gets what he requires everyone gets a reward and have a party or something


Couldn’t be worse than Sylvanas…

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I can just see him responding to learning Teldrassil was burned.

"What? Goodness, this is terrible news, awful, horrible! Tubbins, Grubbins, gather an assorted basket of goodies from around the city and some flowers, the nice ones with the black petals and thorns. Take them to the Lady Tyrande and give her my most sincere condolences."

Tubbins and Grubbins leave on their task while Theotar frets.

“That poor woman. I hear she had the most marvelous garden of rare blooms on this world. What a tragic fate to befall such beauty. Just thinking of those treasures burned fills me with dread. I must have tea to calm my nerves.”


Shhh. We need some personality in our faction leaders.

As leader, instead of killing enemies, you will need to learn more about how to prepare tea, how herbs affect the tea, the preferred tea for each opponent, and how to serve the tea. Failure to follow these gets you sent to The Ember Ward for tea training.

Kind of like that? :slight_smile:


As long as I get to use Baine’s skull for a kettle, sure.



You forgot mandatory training in the fine art of parasol making!

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Whoa, whoa, whoa. Everyone know’s the true leader and gem of the Court of Harvesters is The Accuser! I would hate to lose her. :pleading_face:

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As long as I get to strut around with a fancy umbrella im down.


Honestly thought this charater was annoying… I wasnt to much of a fan of cadwell from Elder Scrolls online either.

Is that a unique item, part of the toy collection, or are kettles a new collection tab?




I would love to find out who Theotar was before dying and going to Revendreth. He was either one of the worst bad guys in WoW’s history or a murloc. Whatever the answer is wont be normal and that would be even more hilarious.


Why are dead peoples souls drinking tea? Is it soul tea? Are they just pouring hot water into their ethereal opening and watching it hit the ground?

Sybille should be head of negotiations

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Fire Emblem 3 Houses tea minigame confirmed for WoW. You thought pet battles were intense? Oh boy, just wait until you’re taking Bolvar to tea time.


He’s my new Runas. The Tea Party WQ was pretty fun. I wish in Legion they had something similar where we had to be him and accompany an NPC adventurer to go and kill his friends.