Please Make Changes to Arena Teams and Personal Rating

I know that’s how it was. I’m hoping for it to change. Sure, I could just go to retail, but right now I am interested in playing TBC arena. I believe that it could be so much better if changes were made.

Saying I should just go play retail because that’s just how it is, is like saying horde should just go play retail if they don’t want 1 hour queues.

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Horde should go play retail if they complain. I agree with that statement.

Its how TBC was. People want retail things in TBC classic. Its not gonna happen.

Not trying to be rude but what you described is retail.

The teams is what made Arena great in TBC. It was like a raiding guild. I was in a PvP guild and we had set times to play with each other. We created great teamwork and ranked up pretty well. Retail things take away the community aspect and thats what makes TBC great. Adding retail things to the game will kill TBC.


We already have retail things in TBC classic. Changes have already been made, and still can be made. Retail LFG tab will probably be implemented soon, which will help with every aspect of the game (PvE and PvP).

Yes, what I described is exactly the retail version of arenas. There is a reason that teams were eventually done away with. Perhaps changes can be made while still preserving the integrity of arena teams. Perhaps keep team rating as the number that is used for end-of-season title calculations, or keep the requirement for team rating in order to buy gear.

Again, arena teams are a novelty. You can have a set group of players that agree to play at designated times to queue even if arena teams weren’t a thing.

What retail things do we have?

boosting, for one.

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Alright ill give you the boost

Boost and store mount are the only things I can think of that are the same as retail.

I think everyone can agree that we are already far from no-changes. There are big changes such as paladin seals and druid energy. They were made to improve the quality of gameplay of TBC classic. In fact, there has already been changes with regards to arena. Points were increased below 1500, and personal rating now starts at 0 instead of 1500.

Just because changes have occured does not mean that they should just keep changing more aspects of the game.

This is the strawman argument that people try to claim doesn’t exist while at the same time advocating for changes because we already have changes…

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Agree with alot of the things said in the post. It would be nice to be able to find partners and get into arenas easier.

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I’d like to see if any other people have thoughts about this and may want changes to be made as well (bumping for visibility).

I’d like to see some data as to the rate of team swapping, to see if it is actually impacting the lower brackets. Is this traceable with some of the census type sites out there? You could imagine a graph with rate of team swapping, compared to amount of games played in various brackets. Seeing high team swapping matched up against an inflated, say 1600s bracket would indicate there is a larger than usual amount of players in that bracket that are more highly skilled, than would otherwise be expected.

I think the point (from what I can gather of the OP’s argument) is that the representation of players and associated skill levels at lower ratings is bottle-necked, as more skilled players battle it out to get their teams’ rating to match their skill, leaving lower skilled players at the bottle-neck.

I feel like there is some potential for a massive abuse of this system if left like this.

How’s the ladder looking now, boys?


Dead. There’s some life in 2s but that’s about it. 3s is a ghost town.


Personally, i agree with the removal of teams and allowing people to play with others without repercussion. All teams do, in my opinion, is limit whether or not others play with new protentional team mates or even friends.

Having limiters, like being within 150 points of the team rating, or 30% of games played is a huge detriment to a healthy ladder. To my current knowledge, no one actually cares about team names, or how many games people play on a team. It’s just about how to get your weekly cap in, in a timely manner.

If they allowed cross server arena play, we would likely see an increase in active participation. Right now, it seems pretty dead.

To me, there are several obvious reasons as why the ladder seems, or is straight up is dead. No way to catch up if you’re late, or an alt. Teams restricting or making it harder for people to join / leave and getting enough games played / with in rating to get points by Tuesday reset. No cross server playing. S1 gear being near unobtainable for anyone who doesn’t already have it. The list goes on.

People may say they don’t want changes, or this isn’t the game they pay for… Those same players would apparently rather see the arena scene die completely than for obvious solutions to be made. To me, this does not make any sense. Nor has anyone provided an actual thought out response other than “hey man, this is classic, and classic should remain classic because that’s how classic was, and in no way, for better or for worse, should classic be changed because of no valid or rationally thought out reason.”

The PvP scene is vastly different than the pve scene. Sometimes, it may require more attention, but if the problems are solved, can go without any attention at all. Right now, there are obvious, overbearing, quite frankly ridiculous problems going unnoticed, unsolved or just outright ignored that will, without any doubt in my mind, cause the scene to die before wrath comes out.

Anyone who gives this more thought than 30 seconds of time, and perhaps more than one post on the forums would likely see there is many problems at hand causing severe disparities that need to be addressed. This may be a “classic”, but that doesn’t mean it deserves to die “just because that’s how it originally was.”

It saddens to me to -know- that people would rather let the arena scene die, “just because that’s how it originally was”, than to address legitimate issues and make the ladder healthy again. I guess, “it do be like that sometimes”, though. I have very little hope that this will be addressed, let alone even mentioned by any one who has power to change anything for good, or for worse.


Cross realm arena and removal of teams would do wonders

I doubt they’ll make those changes though. Just how they are these days

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Beautifully said, my friend. It’s probably too late at this point to fix arena participation. Too many have quit and the gear gap is getting out of control (takes too long to get pvp gear + rating deflation means less arena points can be gained per week). Hopefully they make some changes to arena when WOTLK classic comes around. That’s the only opportunity they have to not let arena die again.

Yeah, teams are garbage.

Since you already copied over half of retail’s system anyway (the mmr algorithm, rating starts at 0, rating req on items) at least copy over the good part and delete teams

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