Please make a wrath era server

Just wanted to give input to blizz - please make a wrath era server no matter what direction you take classic post wrath. It’s truly the end of a core trilogy whose beginnings were back in the RTS games. Not to mention that the world people were nostalgic to return to changed permanently at cata. Cata classic can still come out but please make a wrath era server. I’ll play it.


They most certainly will. I wouldn’t worry too much about it.

It will be dead at launch of Cataclysm, same as Era, but there might be a few guilds that still decide to keep playing it.


I mean with the wow token wrath might be viable. Plus they added a lot to wrath they didn’t to tbc so we might get wrath era.


Hope so! :slight_smile:


TBC Era servers with our TBC Classic character copies along with WotLK Era servers with our WotLK Classic character copies should absolutely stand along with Classic Vanilla Era servers.

Rolling “Live” Vanilla, TBC, WotLK Classic cycle realms with characters going to Era once the expansion is over; would be the correct thing to do for those who want to progress as normal.

This is the only and correct way to approch and maintain Classic World of Warcraft for Classic World of Warcraft players.


While i would much rather sit on a tbc/woltk era server then move on to cata, i just dont see what the purpose of era servers are, theres no new content not that this content is new but what are ppl just gonna farm ICC until they just decide to stop playing? Id rather see an accelerated classic ladder season, where we go from Classic-Wotlk all over again, give us JJ all the time so leveling is quicker, release the raids quicker, maybe even give us extra loot off the bosses like an extra peice since we will have less time between the raid releases to gear up, the full ladder should only be a year, basically 4 months for each expac give or take after that we start a new ladder season and do it again, Give us QOL stuff we didnt have during that expac, this is probably the only thing that would keep me interested honestly, other then that i fully expect to quit once cata drops

Yes. One without the token, with RDF, without the different dungeon modes.


I’m not going on to anything called Cata classic. Either they keep around a WotLK only server or i go to a private one. Blizz has already bastardized classic enough already and lost 80% of their audience. We don’t need two versions of crappy retail. We already have one and that’s more than enough.


Things I would like after Wrath:

A. Retcon the story after Wrath classic
B. Retcon the story after Cata/MoP classic
C. Return to the original classic cycle Vanilla/TBC/WotLK

—If there is Cata/MoP classic, that’ll be sufficient time to miss Vanilla, where four months would be a little short. Make it six the first rerun.

D. Let us copy our Classic characters to a retconned, brand-new expansion–an expansion with grounded lore where we’re still in a medieval fantasy world that feels dangerous instead of solved by cut scenes. We can have transmog, mount, and pet collections of course!

E. If it’s good and a success, do another.


F. lower the ulduar item levels a bit

Agreed, and please for the love of Elune can we not get anything past “classic” MoP? Everything beyond that point was so not fun :frowning: (Looking at you WoD and BfA! Legion was OK, but not in a replayable way to me at least).

It wouldn’t make sense to have the “classic” experience all this time, then just move on to what happened after the sundering, because then it is just another repeat of gag retail.
They need to preserve the old world.


So long as they give access to TBC the same way.


Yes I would like to see wotlk servers too, TBC classic would be nice too as it’s another unique experience but at the bare minimum we should have wotlk forever, it’s the last expansion before cataclysm destroys the world and makes huge changes to almost everything.


The player base keeps getting thinner. I need those lowbie cata bg queues to pop. So, sorry no wrath era for you.

Then we just go back to warmane. No ques either way


it would be great if they keep at least 1 or 2 servers back for each xpac.

Not that I like classic (60 cap) but it would be nice even to keep one there…

Also, it would be sweet if they could just release last day legion+ classic and leave that there :slight_smile: I know that is after the cata/mop/WoD

That has been my hopes if they do a wrath era server.


Wow is dead wow is ruined the CEO is not.that great and all you folks that support GDKP and boosting broke the game blixzard should rrally do a reality check this AINT WOTLK delete the whole game and continuenwith your garbage retail


guild name checks out

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Yes plz!! And a TBC era server too :crossed_fingers: .


Ok no That’s not true at all there’s plenty of people Is including myself that’s excited for cata and Beyond in fact I am for the first time in a long time Hopeful and even maybe a little bit of copium.

With the right changes That blizzard could make the bad expansions good wat dus a good wod and even bfa and Maybe even sl look Like ?

As far as tbc You couldn’t pay me to play it again Those that want vanilla well they have era and hc Would I like to see a wrath era yep And I think it’s much more likely than tbc Because you may not want to hear this but.

Wrath is So much more popular than tbc Like it or not

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