Please let us transfer out of here

Do not make the same mistake I did. Sure, you will avoid queues but you won’t even get to play the game. There are barely any 80s. Good luck finding a heroic group. Please Blizz let us transfer out of Earthfury. Why are you locking every SINGLE realm. Even High and Full realms aren’t allowing paid transfers. This is insane.

Holdout just a bit longer the raid lockouts are coming and the Qs are not going anywhere, especially for primetime raiding times. Some guilds/people are going to have to make some tough decisions here very soon if they dont want to miss out on lockouts and Erankus is already filling up and leaning horde. EF feels almost perfectly balanced at this point.

Maybe that’s copium but idk what else these people are going to do at this point.

There are a ton of people levelling. it is also a long weekend here in Canada this weekend. I plan on hitting 80 over the weekend along with some friends. I am sure we will see a lot hit 80 over the weekend.

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Blizzard is closing free transfers to Eranikus tomorrow (Oct 6th), which should bring those who want a PVP server to Earthfury. Yes, hold out.

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That’s not true at all. I’ve had no trouble at all finding groups while leveling even as DPS so far and see plenty of heroic groups going on and guilds raiding. Joining one of the big guilds makes it way easier. Yes maybe there wasn’t much 80s 4 days ago when exp was only a week out but now there are plenty.

You aren’t even 80, how can you claim to know how many heroic groups there are? What’s your evidence, a few LFG messages you’ve read? Enjoy hitting 80 only to find 1-2 other 80s in group finder at prime time.

Lol the poster said they see plenty of heroic groups going on, there was no claim they know how many heroic groups there are you salty whiner ROFL.

Too anyone reading this OP’s garbage, just know that it’s just that… trash talk. During off hours I see groups looking for heroic participation, and during prime hours I am definitely seeing groups looking for the same… Not to the extent of a high pop realm I’m sure, but as of now, its definitely far from rare as one might derive from this OP.