PLEASE HELP! Why can’t I use skull bash? (Druid)

For some reason I can’t use skull bash when Im in Guardian spec for my druid. When I’m in Feral spec i can use it just fine. When in Guardian, the spell greys out and become unavailable like I dont have it and it disappears from my spell book. Im level 70 so I definitely have it unlocked.

Does anyone know what is going on? Its obviously a super important spell so I need it lol

Skull Bash is a talent that you have to choose in your build.

As Guardian, it is in the Druid tree rather than the Guardian tree, and it is 4th down in the third column on the left of the Druid tree.

If you type in “Skull Bash” into the search box bottom left of your talents page, it will light up.

Wowwwww that’s embarrassing. Thank you!!

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Not at all :slight_smile:

Dragonflight talent trees include lots of abilities I still think of as baseline.

contains build information for every spec, more than enough to get you started, and especially an “Easy Mode” guide you can use as a first build for an unfamiliar class, unril you learn your way around it.