Please give us a way to scroll through Hero's Call Board quests

Currently we have to chose 1 out of 3 quests on our Hero’s Call Board quests on both Alliance and Horde. In case we don’t want to get neither of these 3 breadcrumbs, we have to take like 20 or more quests from the Board in order to “luckily” receive the one we want.

Please, Blizzard, add a way to scroll or slide through all the possible quests on the Board so we can take the ones we want without such immense hassle.

It will be a good quality of life change that seems easy to be implemented.

Thanks in advance.


In the majority of cases (there are exceptions, such as the campaign starters for an entire expac), the board just gives you a breadcrumb. I agree it is nice to get the extra credit for going to the place with a quest, but you can usually also just go there to where the ! is marked on your map and start from there.

Was there a particular one you were after that was hard to get from the board?

I would very much like to see this. I really really hate skipping breadcrumbs so have spent way too much time picking up and abandoning quests on those stupid boards. Unfortunately, your suggestion probably won’t be seen by the devs in this forum. I’d try the in game suggestion tool under the support option in the main menu.

Until then, one useful tip is that if the character is eligible for Chromie Time, it will prioritize quests for the Chromie Timeline you’ve selected which can help a bit to find what you want. (Otherwise, it seems to prioritize newest stuff first.)

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Yes please. In fact I wonder why this hasn’t already been done, seems like a no-brainer.