Please get rid of the revival catalyst quest. No more chores!

Just allow me to use the catalyst please. I thought you guys were done with the chores?

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This is a joke, right? You’re a troll, so I’ll assume it is; but incase it’s not…

“Chores?” I literally finish it from just one raid night; doing the thing I would normally be doing Tuesday anyhow.

People like you should consider something like, idk… minecraft, they have a creative mode. You can literally go sit and do nothing there.

You’re the same kind of person who complains that there “isn’t any content” 2 weeks into a patch.

They’ve dumbed this game down so much. I’d hate for you to have played when achieves weren’t account wide and you actually had to put any work in to be able to raid/do end game content…

Not to mention the catalyst quest is account wide itself; and completing it on one toon unlocks the charges for every toon on your account.