Please fix WSG immediately!

OK, cowboy :wink:

sadly this will never happen. wsg ranking in vanilla consisted of premades farming pugs and premades win trading.

Everyone - #nochanges

Horde - Losing pvp battles!! #changesforHordeadvantage!!

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What are you even talking about. This is the Vanilla experience. You get in a premade, or you lose to them.


This was exactly the vanilla experience lol. It sucks but the way the queuing system and premades work are probably never going to change.

I never liked this either. At least we got group queue for AV. That’s a bit of a win IMO.

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Probably took like an hour

Probably took 5 minutes

Probably took 10 minutes

Well, this is the way it was in Vanilla. WSG is not RBG.

I have a friend who still loves to run WSG solo dispute premades because he says it is fun when he is against other PUGs. He is no longer trying to rank.

Did you actually play in Vanilla? It wasn’t every match against a premade. There would be one HWL group and everything else was a pug. You’d run into them maybe once every 20 games. Hell, even the twinks in the lower brackets would lose games to pugs because they just fought for HKs and not the objectives.

You have some seriously bad luck, I see roughly 75% Premades playing Horde, and roughly the same playing Alliance. (when Q’n solo during peak hours NA)

When I Q during non peak times (solo) it’s way lower than that, maybe 25% at best; and most of the pre-mades don’t put put a good enough fight to even be considered a pre-made.

Yes I did actually play vanilla. I was exalted with warsong rep, by the time I got to rank 12 doing mostly WSG premades. Warsong was the best until AB came out.

So arrogant with your ridiculous assumptions.

I played on Archimonde from day 1 which was one of the most hardcore PvP servers at launch. Different servers had different communities, but classic WSG is not much different than my vanilla experience. If you wanted organized pvp and wanted to rank in the higher brackets, (before AB) it was the only thing to do. In the majority of games you’d queue up against a premade, so you needed one yourself.

Sounds like you were on a pve server, that is, if you even ACTUALLY played vanilla, lol. Get out of here with that inflammatory sh*t.


Everyone - #nochanges

Horde - Losing pvp battles!! #changesforHordeadvantage!!

Alliance - need to exploit to compete in instanced PVP otherwise will state absurdities like #changesforHordeadvantage!!

Good point. Are AC pugs facing Horde premades - at all? I haven’t seen anyone spam they’re forming any on the horde side.


I’ve been doing a ton of wsg lately and I face more premade s than pugs. I enjoy fighting when we just don’t stomp horde

To do what? Actually coding? Who cares? The length of time it takes and/or the difficulty of the actual coding isn’t a particularly good measure of much.


I suppose I don’t understand what your point is.

Oh right! You didn’t say 30 minutes of coding. You said

Yeah… those are very different things, aren’t they?

OK then what was your point didn’t you tell me “OK cowboy” when I said “code a 30 minute change”?

Edit: still don’t understand

Cowboy Coding

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When I am playing Pre-mades (both horde and alliance) we tend to fight more pre-mades than pugs.

Maybe Blizzard has some voodoo in the code that does attempt to match pugs Vs pugs and pre-made vs pre-mades when possible.

I don’t see a whole ton of people asking for more for PVP pre-mades, most of that seems to be kept in guild.

There are premade wsg discords you can get into if you prove to be a solid player. Not all of premades are only in guild. It’s cool connecting with people on your own server with it too.

I recently played against a Faerlina premade that had rank 10-13 and we beat them…as a pug…lol