Please fix vanish!

Hit the nail on the head.

This is driving me crazy. Makes it impossible to vanish in instances too, everytime i do i take a hit and its like i never even used it

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just happened to me three times in Arena - grom gol pvp. what a joke

Don’t forget, it’s just a cosmetic ability in PvP right now.

I see people effectively using vanish in Classic pvp videos/streams though. I’m jealous. I’d rather it not work in pve and work in pvp, unlike feign death which works in pve but not in pvp at all, not quick enough to trap.

i take gear off for brd pickpocking… annoying lol

hope we get a fix in p2

So I have been doing some PVP testing of vanish and here is what I see from my point of view.

Vanish performs the following.

  1. Gives you access to your stealth kit
  2. Uses a flash powder
  3. sometimes clears snares / roots. (not always)
  4. never clears the enemy target.
  5. sometimes takes you out of combat (rare)

The PVE side of things is funky, it really depends on the Dungeon I am in or the NPC kind (world).

What I suspect may be happening is that Blizzard has inadvertently added “combat pulse” (like in raid) to Dungeons only when you aggro certain mobs.

That or they have a true-sight like buff that’s applied to certain mobs after you aggro them…

Would be nice to hear back from Blizzard on this, it’s kinda wacky like the FD problems… At least they posted about FD being broken… Here is hoping they will say something about vanish.


Still a huge issue, blizzard.

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Yeah it’s annoying for sure. Would be nice if it worked correctly.

Also something that I noticed when researching “stealth” was how stealth worked in Vanilla and how the “stealth” noise is actually a game bug that was left in because it was interesting.

Here is a video on that

Sprinting away and vanishing still doesn’t let me drop combat. Has happened all day to me. I use Vanish more aggressively in PvP so I haven’t noticed much of an issue.

edit: In BRD, if you can manage to press vanish instantly you can drop combat. This is bc all the other mobs don’t have a chance to queue up hits towards you.


Exactly. But if you are just a second late on vanish, and the mobs have hits queued against you…GG.

Even if you are far away and vanish, the enemies will keep running towards you to attack you even if you are vanished, far away, and in a stealthed state.

Tested this in a PvP situation, first in a controlled environment (Gurubashi Arena) with a warrior buddy who does not have Spy installed, and then in black rock mountain.

Vanish rarely clears the enemy’s target.


This morning’s update, I’ve used vanish 3 times in BRD to escape the pick pocket resist, it has failed 2 / 3 uses. Luckily I was close enough to the entrance that sprint got me out alive.

Blizzard, vanish is an iconic ability, at least acknowledge you are aware of the bug and will eventually address it.

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Maybe this is the temporary (soon tm) work around. I’ll see how it goes today vs running and waiting a few seconds to vanish

I have found that INSTANTLY vanishing is usually much more effective at being successful. There is a strategy and it goes like this.

Vanish seems to fail for three reasons:

  1. The mob that resists you attacks you through vanish,

  2. The surrounding mobs pile on you and attack you through vanish, and;

  3. Vanish simply bugs and doesn’t drop you from combat, at all, no matter what you do, even if you sprint away.

You can’t avoid the last one unfortunately.

However, it is a lot less common than the first two. The strategy is to vanish fast, but not TOO fast.

Think of it this way. If you vanish TOO fast, then the resisted target’s queued auto attack goes off on you as you are vanishing. Best to wait for one auto attack on you and then vanish.

But, if you are too slow on vanishing, all of the OTHER mobs will start running towards you with a queued auto attack and relentlessly chase you and try to auto attack you until the next server “tick” of spell batching, which can be a long time.

So the trick is to vanish after about 1 second.

Quite sad that we have to use advanced strategies to attempt to avoid a bug, but it is what it is.

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I recently started doing BRD pickpocketing runs and knew something was off with Vanish. I’ve gotten Resist’d into combat 4 times now, and Vanish only actually dropped me from combat once. Every other time the just kept attacking me like I didn’t even use an ability.

Really frustrating.

It just happened again to me twice in an instance.
Mobs pulled (none have truesight) I vanish and the NPC’s just ignore it and smash my face.


It is getting absurdly frustrating.
This game is tedious and time consuming enough as it is. Bugs and broken mechanics like this do not make it any better…

3rd time.
Thanks for denying us rogues a farm method by ignoring this exists.
This is absolutely ridiculous from a multi billion dollar company.
Some EU nerds did a better job providing a functional vanilla experience than you did.

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Blizzard. Notice me!