Please don't make the launch date June 1st

Whew. What a juicy morning

(just meming on ya fellas)


This did not age well.

You got keked


ah too late man heres the info

prepatch may 18th , launch june 1st. its here bois

This did not age well.

0% chance you ever know what your talking about.


I’m a bit confused. Why can’t they launch it on June 1st? No matter what the date is, people are gonna rush on to play.

It is launching on June 1st.

man…Bearhands wrong again? What are the odds

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Actually 100 percent chance look on your wow browser

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I’m sorry what?



10 chars

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My guess is they want to launch TBCC before D2:R which is coming possibly at the end of June or not long after.

They don’t want two huge releases at the exact same time.

They also probably don’t want the launches to happen at the same time as 9.1. 9.1 would be a ghost town if it launched too close to TBC launch. It might be anyway, but this way you might have some people already bored of TBC by the time 9.1 comes out.

could be, they only have the luncher ticking down 26 days and whatever seconds and crap, but it does not really say if thats prepatch or what.

Although regardless this does add up to what I predicted over a year ago being June or July for TBC in some format.

So there is that.

For everyone’s information, blizzard does have the technology to give us a smooth launch. As a matter of fact they’ve used it extensively the last 3 expansions, and we got a modified version of it in classic. In anyone hasn’t guessed yet, it’s LAYERING!!! Providing they use it to handle the entire server hitting the same zone at the same time, it shouldn’t be an issue

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so excited!
I think 2 weeks is fine since we have the reduced xp bars. And if that’s not enough for you… you’ll be fine.

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Layering doesn’t stop a server from hitting queue times, because servers still have a maximum capacity, even with layers implemented.

Guys cmon, the game could still get delayed like Shadowlands was.

To get to 60? No problem. Time to get caught up with the other 60s? Not even a little bit.

I can safely say this in the best setting yet: Y’all are not prepared!


Cool, my days off are Tuesday Wednesday. :slight_smile: