Please dont let people wall jump in AV

(Flech) #1

In AV players are able to jump up the hill in to Dun Baldar to circumvent having to cross the bridge. This seems like a clear advantage to horde, this was clearly not intended and this is advantage that is exploited in almost every AV on private servers.

While am a big no changes person I really think Blizzard should not let players do this type of thing in BGs.


That’s interesting. I don’t remember that ever happening back in the day. And I played before and after the map changes and xrealm bgs.

Guess in a dozen years people found some holes in the map.


Oh boo hoo, it’s such a shame that we have this one thing when you guys have dozens of geographical advantages against the Horde and don’t even have a bridge to have to circumvent.

(Flech) #4

You act like I am going to be playing Alliance on Classic LUL


Sure no bridge, but you do have an extremely narrow choke point, with high ground in front of it. It horde turtles, it hurts…


Those are intended. As far as I know, “wall jumping” up areas that are supposed to be isolated behind a bridge isn’t.

Could be wrong though. Will be interesting to see blizzards reaction as well. Was this doable in vanilla?

(Dealloc) #7

Fairly certain they can’t as wall jumping is unfortunately not in Classic.

That said the bridge is a huge advantage for the Alliance. It’s the perfect choke point and the configuration on the Horde side just doesn’t compare.

(Flech) #8

Esfand just tested this and was able to do it.

(Dealloc) #9

Ok well that’s authentic vanilla then. Let it be. It makes up for the Alliance advantage at least a little bit.


Lol. Well, this is a test after all.

(Flech) #11

While this jump might be “authentic” it was also “authentic” for a while to be able to jump out of the start area in AB to be able to start caping flags before the game actually started. People where also able to get on top of the farm house. People are able to get out of the play area in WSG.

I dont think Blizzard should let players do these things in BGs, it would be fine in the open world but battle grounds are suppose to be some what competitive.

(Dealloc) #12

All things which cannot be countered without also using the exploit. Climbing up the spot in Dun Baldir can be countered without doing the same thing. It’s very easy to stop. It’s just one more thing you have to look out for as Alliance.

Big difference. Huge difference. Yuge!

(Flech) #13

I would argue that all the exploits that I mentioned cant be countered without needing to exploit yourself but in every scenario you will be at a big disadvantage.

(Dealloc) #14

Yes… That’s what I said. That’s my point. What is yours?

(Flech) #15

I love how you didnt fully quote me… Your just ignoring my full thought.

(Brockthorn) #16

Gee, did he stop to open a bug report ?

(Brockthorn) #17

You guys sure these exploits are vanilla ?

I’m finding references to 2.3 for the AB gate exploit.

Good Lord…did they back port all those exploits into classic ???

(Kaylar) #18

Using the wall jump means horde doesn’t have to deal with a bridge either. You can just go directly into their base bypassing all of their bottlenecks and being right at their tower. Just kill the archers and cap their towers/gy. They fall back to defend towers and everyone at the bridge fight can snag that gy making them spawn somewhere not great for defense. You now have their base and have towers counting down.

Horde base has a bottleneck at the gate and right before the towers that they can stall at for awhile.

Honestly, if Horde can’t win an AV with wall jumping being around then those players should rethink playing pvp because bypassing the final chokepoints is by far the biggest advantage anyone in AV can have.

(Zenetta) #19

We were able to get up that hill for several years. It was actually easier in Vanilla when wall jumping was big throughout the game before they nerfed it.

They should just make a little path there that you can walk up normally and make it official.

(Dealloc) #20

K so…

Same question. What is your point? This is still nonsense.