Please do something about gold farming bots

Hello, as many know, the repeatable shellfish quest is a good way to farm gold for the first mount or for skills around 30-40. Each time I log on I farm for 30mins-1hr and every single time I see the same person also farming the quest. Everyone else is different, but this same person is always doing it, no matter what time or date I get on. This has been going on for weeks. I’ve whispered them asking if they’re a bot and gotten no reply every time. I’ve tried reporting them and even asked others doing the quest to report them and no action has been taken. If an Admin reads this, could you please do something about the bots, it’s ruining the game economy for the rest of us and against the ToS. I will continue to report this person until you do something.

Don’t call Chan a bot… Chan has feelings to you know.

Bots can actually whisper back. I had one whispering ‘hello can I help you’ when I kept going near it.

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sounds like they aren’t a bot and you are making something out of nothing because QQ someone is farming where you want to farm.

That doesn’t mean it’s not a bot.

Bots aren’t banned immediately. They get banned in waves.

and just assuming everyone that is farming where you are every day and doesnt respond to your whispers is a bot, doesnt make them a bot.

It’s not an assumption. First few times I get on the same time during the day to farm, like 3PM server time. Always this player is there. Then next two times I am on radically different times, once 4AM server time and once 12PM server time, still this player is there. Then I make a habit of sitting my character in Shadowprey village, logging on occasionally to check if they are still there. They are still there all times of the day for multiple days. I quit playing the game for a week, came back, and this player is still there. I whisper them every time “hey, are you a bot??”, get no response, and report them. They are always going in a pre-aranged path using the water-breathing helmet so they don’t have to surface. Finally yesterday I whisper them, and I finally get a response “you are a very bad person” and get put on ignore. Why respond after 3 weeks of whispering and say that unless they know they’re doing something wrong and got contacted by a GM? It doesn’t add up. The only way I can confirm for sure is if I had someone from the other faction attack them and if they don’t fight back at all it is 100% a bot.

I farm same spots all the time and grind to level. When messaged aling lines like im a bot i just giggle and dont respond.

Thoose that ask to join in a group for quest reasons i do. or buff me i buff back.

I have received messages saying reported before also did back in Vanilla i again just giggle and keep playing.

I tend to do same routes to pick herb spawns and kill respawns. Its not just bots its smart play

Quit griefing this guy. He just wants some lobsters.

I see them all the time in shimmering flats. They’re all melee hunters because that saves on ammo. Their pet is unnamed or has a chinese hanzi for a name and they just kill boars for all eternity. Watched a gnome mage killing them and they didn’t even stop farming mobs. I guess the mage was farming farmers for honor.

The guy is just trying to feed his family, sorry if that disrupts your ability to gather virtual seashells. Have some sympathy.

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Something’s got to give

He could say the same thing about seeing you each time…

Maybe he thinks the same of you each time…