Please do not RE-Merge OCE+US

Making stuff up ofc the lag matters lol.

OCE players are the players pushing for the merge NA doesn’t care at all because we don’t need it at all.

Where are you getting this from?

oh? but what is this? someone is absolute begging almost for the re merge which is a disgrace… I don’t want any oce lag either as you don’t want any america lag either.


Yeah that’s the point the OP was going for, because if the re-merge goes through, you’re going to be impacted being on NA because you’re going to start getting OCE games and your latency is going to go up 200+ms

So in reality, you should support the OP

No this is not what happens. Oce gets merged into NA battlegroups. The only people effected are the OCe players.

He is asking for NA players to be merged into oce servers half the time so it’s the NA players lagging

Wrong, it picks a host server. It’s 50/50.

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I don’t want us to be merged.

If they force us to merge, then it’s only fair that NA players get to experience the same LAG we will have to put up with (seeing as they don’t even optimise it and put us on east coast servers).

They recently increased out sub prices again to gouge more money from us, they need to stop treating us like 2nd class wow citizens.

You’re mistakenly wrong lol, you will also experience Oce matches with high ping (whilst us OCE have good ping) during a merge, sorry mate.

No oce was merged into na battlegroups. They were playing on our servers.

Did anyone actually say it was going to be re-merged, or is this just a complaint about nothing?

Thats not true I played on several BGS last merge that was on OCE servers

Fellas literally read what I’m posting to you. This isn’t a debate.

That literally said nothing. It said OCE players are reporting that does not exclude NA players from experiencing lag which we did. I played several games on OCE servers during the merge.

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Once again wrong lol, you clearly don’t understand how the system works.

During this time I was matched with Americans that were stuck on the OCE queue, and visa versa when I’d be stuck in the NA queue.

You just lucked out at the time, but it’s genuinely whomever joins the Battleground with the largest party first gets the Battleground Leader, and the BG leader of either side that joins first usually dictates if you’re going to be OCE or NA for that specific BG.

Mainly a complaint from pvpers who have finished a large chunk of their pvp gear and dont see many people qing arenas at higher ratings.

There are likely many issues contributing to this problem but they want to just merg servers instead as the solution.

Just a reminder that the top 100 2v2 Oceanic teams range from 2200 to 1600.

at 1600 the queue time is roughly 13 minutes.

Not a single AV game has popped in over 2 weeks

Ok and the only thing to say is the proof literally shows that you didn’t. You “ran into players stuck in the OCE que” LOL dude you sound like an eight year old explaining something he doesn’t know a thing about.

Yikes, someones in for a rude awakening if it returns

Dude I literally just posted you exactly what blizzard said on how it works. How stupid do you have to be

When OCE and NA were merged on prepatch, I came across many BGs where I experienced 30ms latency and also BGs where I experienced anywhere from 150-280ms latency. I did quite a lot of BGs and it was very obvious that when the BG game is created, the host server location changes.
It wasn’t just OCE players experiencing this. It was also NA players as they were complaining of high latency as well.

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