Please do not make World Quests daily

Honestly, Robo is an idiot. Best not to take anything garbage he spews seriously.

Raid/M+ as primary content is where all the preceding expacs of the last decade has failed. Go watch Preach’s interview, where they admitted giving people a long leash is the fuel that ignited things like Classic, and they wanted to bring that back to retail. Moving bi-weekly WQs to dailies is precisely NOT that, and just doing the same failure formula they’ve already been doing.
But why would they go back on their word?! Because sweaty whiners can’t find something else to occupy their time for a couple weeks.

Yup. Wow was built as a weekly game.

Weekly lockouts.
Weekly quests.
Weekly reset

It’s a tried and true method.

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There is no incentive for my alts anymore :frowning:


Non daily WQ allow players to partake in other content. Getting upset at this opinion seems like a wierd outrage.

I think the point being made is that there is so much content to log in daily for that they don’t want to be bogged down by WQ that inevitably are required to complete “keep up”- with renown, gear, and therefore power.

Good news for you OP:

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So unsub for their first quarterly report? Sure, can’t wait to see how kneejerk the 10.1 daily content ends up being after they have to ramble their way through explaining the bad “Time Played” metrics to their owners. But hey, I’m sure we’ll get another 3 mounts on the store to fix that.


Honestly what a joke. Theres legit nothing to do in game, you log in and see a single wq… this xpac is looking exactly like wod…
Honestly you babies crying about your fears theres going to be too much to do are insane. Daily wq would just mean the tiniest amount more gold and rep to get a new colourful drake. This company is such a joke…


Relax. I didn’t make any complaints at all and was just simply relaying the news to the OP.

I don’t raid anymore. Used to but I have outgrown it. Dailies is the way to go


lets be real theres only one more week where these will be useful.

its no big deal. + itll be a nice change of pace between obsidian key farm sessions.

If you don’t want to do daily quests then don’t do daily quests. Stop imposing your FOMO on the people who want content.

We need more world quests and things to do. I can blow through the semi weekly quests in a single day and have nothing to do for 2.5 days.


Your lack of self control is concerning. Just don’t play the game for a few days, it’s that easy. I started playing DF on launch day, look at me, I have plenty I could do, I don’t care, it’s going to still be here when I decide to do it.

Having WQs actually up and available when I log in will be nice, the lack of them is why I already started playing other games.


There is no ‘grind’ to fall behind in Dragonflight.

Which is the big difference between previous expansions and this one. Legion, BFA and Shadowlands all had a currency you HAD to grind in order to use basic gameplay features. If you didn’t log on every single day to grind that currency, you fell behind and Blizzard eventually had to add catch-up mechanics for those that did fall behind.

Dragonflight does not have that. Renown for each faction is the only thing you’re going to be ‘grinding’ and that will still effectively be designed around the bi-weekly circuit, that’s not changing, meaning that you can still do world quests on a bi-weekly basis without penalty.

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this is dumb your logic would make sense if the “daily grind” was actually worth some sort of power like it used to be if the content is just for collectables and stuff than WHO CARES if someone can log in everyday and be farther ahead than you? its not worth anything. this means more xp for alts, more gold, more DE materials from wq rewards, and more players out in open world consistently. all of that is great for the game ?? none of this FORCES you to log on you will get the same rewards no matter how long u want to put it off. or am i missing something?


This is absolutely only a problem if someone has no self control.

What is it that you get from WQs that makes you feel like you need to do them? They made them optional by nerfing their rewards already.


I play one main character and will now be logging in 2 times a week, once to do mythics and the “bi weekly” and then once again for the second half. For someone who actually enjoys playing the game i will literally have nothing to do now for most of the week, this is an great change and i’m baffled why you people think it’s a necessity to do every single wq every single day, i promise if you’re concerned 75 rep in a faction being missed is putting you behind you’re already so far behind it doesn’t matter.

rofl i thought of this too, this affects no one negatively AND makes blizzard look better to their share holders if they change it to daily, it’s baffling they reverted the change this quickly and looked unprofessional as hell.

What are you falling behind on? There’s no player power tied to the four reps.