Please do NOT change Survival to ranged (+ tuning suggestion)

I dont know man… I remember a LOT of people really excited about the cc relevance in dungeons. Being hard was not the problem… lack of tanks was always the problem, and I wouldnt be surprised if they mistakenly blamed the pacing for that problem, but it hasnt helped for 12 years. They just cant understand that convoluted dungeon routes are intimidating for pug tanks.

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Don’t worry sweetheart, some day you’ll grow up and not be an ignorant troll either.

Jk that probably won’t happen mr 21. Don’t make dumb comments if you don’t want dumb responses. :slight_smile:

I mean, it was going on 11 years ago, so perhaps my memory is faulty. I definitely remember being excited for the harder dungeons, and I definitely remember the community being excited at that idea too.

But I also distinctly remember the amount of threads complaining about said difficulty when the expansion actually launched and they started doing them.

You know, I absolutely agree with this part. Funny enough, the power jump in cata, the lack of tanks, and wanting to make a bigger challenge for myself helped me get interested in soloing. Both most of the raids in Wrath, and soloing the dungeons in cata itself because I figured if I couldn’t find a tank, I’d do it myself. Hell, I’ll do the whole thing myself! It was also when I wrote my soloing guide that got stickied on the old hunter forums here!

I still need to get around to rewriting an updated version for these forums, tbh.


Yeah, my wife and I double-hunter 2 manned a lot of content in cata.

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I have a lot of videos from back then of me soloing various wrath raid bosses / cata dungeons. I remember in Dragon Soul convincing my guild to let me “tank” one of the two morchoks on heroic since his stomp and black acid does no damage to pets and his single target tank damage was easy to heal through haha.

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Often, like so often that it was main spec for so many of us before it was corrupted into that pile of melee :poop:.

My oh my little darling are you right. Just got the dumbest response out of nowhere from guy who knows everything.

Don’t get all upset just because I called you out for being a troll. You don’t even make sense trying to argue it.

Just take it and move on.

Why would I be upset? I love getting attention from you. You are the greatest hunter in all the land. Tell me more. Tell me how bad I am. Do you have time?

Not worth. Your trolling has carried on long enough.

That’s what you responded to. That’s trolling? Quit being a joke sir. Go do something you’re good at, like getting carried in mythics or something.

Don’t be the above guy. Be better.

LoL. Shouldn’t you be busy searching for a carry group?

If you need support I’m here. There is help. We can still come together and not behave like this.

Have a good evening!

Awesome. Can you point me to a good discord where I can pay gold for mythic carries? Who do you use? Please help.

They are pretty chill player (Wingclipt). Usually very respectful. I may not agree with them about survival. But we don’t do each other favors if we fight. Lets get the fourth spec going so we can all have fun. It sucks to lose a spec. Anyone who played RSV knows this. We can respectfully disagree.

Not in my personal experience. Personally, I would never pop out of the woodwork and say someone’s opinion is invalid because they post on a lvl 21, or call someone an obnoxious troll after posting an obvious survival joke… but hey, if you think he’s respectful, we can peacefully disagree.

Again you came into a thread to troll on a level 21 alt. You got upset when called out.

Let it go and be better.

I’m not the belligerent one Mr. or Mrs. respectful. Shouldn’t you be joining a carry group? You have yet to deny that.

Wingclipt can be a little elitist at times, but is up there as one of the most knowledgeable and active members of the hunter forums. If I have any questions about the SV spec, Im pretty confident thay Wingclipt has already answered them elsewhere.

If Wingclipt hasn’t responded to your accusations, its probably because they know that they dont have to.