Please do NOT change Survival to ranged (+ tuning suggestion)

Don’t listen to OP. Change it to range. Ain’t nobody gonna miss it.


All 12 survival players are gonna be real upset with you now lol


Well said bring back ranged :sunglasses:


You think there’s even 12 left? I haven’t seen hide nor hair of the SV-lover brigade lately. They probably switched to a usable melee class.


bring back old ranged SV. change the melee spec to “salesman” since all those players do is spam forums to try and get people to try it.


They could you know

Put more effort than just letting it rot and not retool it

To be fair, it did get back to back reworks going into Legion and then BFA.

I would just prepare yourself for another inevitable rework down the line at this point.

You realize you can make a post about survival tuning without aggroing all the RSV players right?

Is there a point to caps locking NOT making Sv ranged? Other than to start yet another thread like this.


It’s obviously so that the MSV proponents can add another data point to their claim that every MSV “balance thread” gets gatecrashed by RSV proponents. I mean, who cares if they blatantly asked for it.

I mean that happens whether it’s an MSV or RSV thread most of the time. There’s always 1 toxic person that just HAS to rage into it. I wouldn’t necessarily say it’s one sided.

But yeah OP is just asking for it.


Ya, it’s pretty par for the course, tbh. Even if it were a tightly focused MSV balance thread, someone would roll in with “the way to balance it is to remove it”. And RSV threads see the same thing, inevitably an MSV proponent rolls in with “it’s gone, give up. Why aren’t you helping us get MSV balanced?!”


Depends how long the player has been playing the game. I mean, maybe they started playing a true melee class when msv wasnt an option? Or maybe they main something that is meta because they want to get accepted to groups. Or maybe their raid leader said “If you want to be melee dps, we need a warrior or a rogue, but we dont need an SV hunter.”

Its silly that this is a got-em from SV haters, and then also they claim that people who like other melee classes don’t like SV, so it should just change back.

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They need to keep it as is. Honestly SV as it stands now has a nice feel. It needs tuning yes, but it is still fun. And guess what, you do not have to do everything at melee…you can step back and gasp do a few things at range, THEN go back to melee. That is how it should be IMO.

Also before people start to run off about melee class this and your not that…check the profile. Take a look at some of the things there and look at how “far” it goes back. I been at it a long time. All of the changes to RSV did not really catch on. This version is the best option. Honestly I thought BM would be the melee spec, but its SV. Its here to stay, so lets work to make it better. All of you pure range people have two specs to choose from. One even has a no pet option for you. So lets work to bring ALL the specs up.

What we should be speaking on is that there are ZERO HUNTER CHANGES in 9.1

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BTW did not realize I was on my Pally, this is my Hunter who actually was my 1st toon in WOW. I always switch out to a different toon every xpac…so this was Hammer’s turn to be first.

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MoP I started as Frost, ended the expac as Survival. Liked it.
WoD I started as Disc, ended as Shadow. Outlier.
Legion started as Shadow, ended as Survival. LOVED IT.
BfA started as Prot, swapped to Survival within the first few months. LOVED IT.
SL started as Brewmaster, swapped back to Survival two months ago. Loving it.

No matter what, I keep coming back to Survival. Maybe next expac I’ll finally commit to starting as Survival. :stuck_out_tongue:

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Clearly you haven’t been at it for long because ranged Survival was in fact routinely a very popular and widely-enjoyed spec.

Having 3 ranged weapon specs provided valuable exploration into different ranged weapon themes. Ranged weapons have far too much potential to all be crammed into two specs; especially when one of those focuses more on the pet. After all, melee lovers have 12 other specs in the game to enjoy including every single new DPS spec added to the game post-launch.

Selling out a Hunter spec to a niche group of melee diehards who wanted a foothold in the Hunter class was neither a fair nor a practical choice and it should be reverted; I don’t game a damn about how stubborn Blizzard is about it. They need to learn to accept and learn from failure and move on instead of doubling down every single time.


So you evidently are aware that Survival used to be ranged. Why play dumb the entire thread until now with pleas like “why can’t people just leave us alone :(” when you knew they completely remade it to appeal to a mostly different audience at one point?


MSV should be retooled into a third spec for DH. Since retconning is A-OK with Blizz, may as well lump our redheaded stepchild in with that nonsense.

Hunter should be an analog for Warlocks. BM --> Demo, MM --> Destro, RSV --> Afflock

BM should have a greater reliance on beasts beyond their pets. Things like Dire Beast, Crows, etc. should be their MAIN damage dealers. Almost like the summoner druid in D2, but still uses bows to enhance the damage of animals you summon with various target debuffs.

MM should charge up a resource for big 'ol physical nukes, but be slippery.

RSV should be all about poisons, burns, and bleeds. Good at dodging attacks, parrying, etc. So not as slippery as MM, but acceptable mitigation through avoidance (both active and passive).


Ahhh but that is where you are clearly wrong . I know SV was a range spec. I know when you had to have a quiver of arrows you had to carry…I know about “running out of arrows” I know all of the changes SV went through…black arrows, trap changes, snake trap, ect ect ect. All of those changes to the class, It could never find a true niche. Then it was changed. For some, it was welcomed. For others, well welcome to the whine fest.

When it was range, I played BM first then SV. I was never MM. When it changed to MSV, I figured hmm sounds interesting and guess what ? I liked it. Mainly for PVP. Just as I pvp on it now in its current form. MSV could use tweaks to make it better in PVE ? Sure. But does it need to be range again, I say no. That’s my opinion. You have yours’s I have mines. It the end Blizzard made the choice.

Also MSV is not 100% melee. When played, there are times you have to step out of melee range and use range capabilities. The difference is you have to go back to melee range for your viable hard hitting abilities to work well. So yes its 80% melee and 20% range. I would dare say 75/25…but that’s not 100%.

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This is kind of subjective. On avg you do more dmg than your pet as BM. Which does not lend to you ‘just being a cheerleader for your pet’. And the ‘range’ disadvantage for the pet is fairly minimal. Between the dashes most pets have, and KC being a charge of sorts, it’s not often your pet is taking time to get to the mobs.

That is sound logic.

I agree with this for sure. Well maybe … I didn’t play MoP or WoD hunter all that much so idk the depth of the spec from those eras. But the munitions-expert play style that came at the end of wrath was fantastic.

Don’t get me wrong. I thoroughly enjoy MSV. And I wouldn’t have any major issues with them leaving it be. It is plenty powerful enough to do all the content. It’s the community who craps on us with their ‘perfectly-optimized-min-max’ mentality. Viable =/= Top tier with the most utility and never be outdone by any other class. Viable = able to contribute. And, when played properly it does more than it’s fair share of the dmg. Plus we have AoE slow, stun/tether, Hard CC, and hero. There will always be a ‘better class/spec’ to bring unless you get lucky and your class/spec is one of the few S-Tiers. But that does not make a reliable spec irrelevant. It’s the community who decided to do that. Not the design or balance.

In the end my preference would be to go back to pre-bc patch with SV so I can do my ‘incorrect’ hybrid play and be whole once again (I can fudge it now with wpn swap macros and it actually feels 1/2 decent). But that wont ever happen :frowning: 2nd best would be a 4th spec for a munitions playstyle. But I don’t think that will ever happen either. The mostly likely outcome is either they leave it be or change it back to old RSV. And the truth is I’m ok with both since I enjoy both and I wont get the old old SV back.

Please by all means insult your fellow players more by telling them that their desires are stupid and they should be ashamed of themselves for enjoying something you don’t. You are also welcome to make baseless claims about the state of the spec because it’s cool to do so cause the small percentage of players doing CE have pushed MSV out of the pool with their grandstanding.
/end sarcasm
I know quite a few people who would love to play MSV but can’t/wont because no one will take them. So the amount of people who WOULD play SV, in it’s current iteration, is unknown. That ‘12’ could easily be hundreds of thousands. You have no way of knowing that. But, yet, you use the metrics to push your own agenda without a thought beyond it. Sounds an awful lot like arrogant sheeple to me.

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