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Come join our ranks, always lookin for some new friends!

What classes are needed?

We welcome all classes! For raid, we are mostly focusing on DPS, but for keys we are always looking for any role.

Congratulations on getting down 8/9N on our first night! Seems to be a pretty simple tier this season so hopefully we’ll be pushing into heroic sooner than expected.

Any room for a shadow priest? I’m still leveling but should be max in a few days. I’d love a chill group to do content with. I’m kind of lonely soloing and puging mythics isn’t something I want to do.


Of course! Feel free to hit me up on Discord so we can talk further if you’d like.

Just stoppin by to say we’re always lookin for more friendly faces to join our ranks! :slight_smile:

Always looking for more to hang out with and run goofy keys!

Officially 9/9N, 1/9H and ready to keep pushing! Come join our team!

Good job everyone on getting us to 7/9H tonight! That Zskarn fight was tough, but we got through it!

Raid tomorrow! Come join our ranks or trial with us if you’re interested :slight_smile:

Quick fun 8/9n alt night tonight! :slight_smile: Plenty of new friends and people getting some missing tier! Feel free to give us a try! Ya might just like is!

Officially 8/9 H after a fun heroic prog night last night :slight_smile:

Spicy nelth kill this week

New things in store coming for our raid team! Hopefully it will be exciting

Big key days ahead- 20s galore, come do them with us!

Bumpity bump!

yoooo when we raidin?

Raid tonight and tomorrow!

Currently filled our slots for our mythic raid roster! We’ll be starting that with our sister guild next Sunday night!